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OUT TODAY! New Middle Grade Releases

Happy Release Day to these new MG releases, out TODAY!

Which books are you looking forward to picking up? 

Friday, August 26, 2016

Enter to WIN a copy of MAXI'S SECRETS: (or what you can learn from a dog) by Lynn Plourde #NationalDogDay

It's National Dog Day! Having grown up with pets, including dogs, I love that man's best friend has a national day. While I currently don't have a dog, though I really wish I did, I love that there are plenty of books out there featuring dogs. I know, it's not even close to the same as having your own dog. Dogs are loyal companions, and no book can replace that, though books are a fabulous thing to have. 

Today we're teaming up with Penguin Random House to celebrate National Dog Day! What better way to celebrate than with a giveaway for Lynn Plourde’s newest book, MAXI'S SECRETS (or what you can learn from a dog), which is out now! Before you enter to win, here's a little bit about the book:


Secret #1: You can learn a lot from a dog you love. Timminy knows that moving to a new town just in time to start middle school when you are perfect bully bait is less than ideal. But he gets a great consolation prize in Maxi—a gentle giant of a dog who the family quickly discovers is deaf. Timminy is determined to do all he can to help Maxi—after all, his parents didn't return him because he was small. But when the going gets rough for Timminy, Maxi ends up being the one to help him—along with their neighbor, Abby, who doesn’t let her blindness define her. It turns out there’s more to everyone than what’s on the surface, whether it comes to Abby, Maxi, or even Timminy himself. (per the publisher)

Purchase from: The PublisherAmazon | B&N
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The author of more than 30 picture books, MAXI'S SECRETS is Lynn Plourde’s debut middle-grade novel. She writes of her switch: “At sixty years of age, why write my first middle grade novel? To bring my dog Maggie back to life, of course. When my beloved Maggie died three years ago, I got greedy. I wanted more time with her… Maggie gave me permission to sprinkle make-believe on her truth. To add, take away, change whatever I needed to in order to make the best story I could. And so I did. I turned my medium-sized, black, Irish-setter-mix Maggie into a giant, white, Great Pyrenees Maxi.” 

A former speech-language therapist, LYNN PLOURDE worked in public schools for twenty-one years, and since then has done hundreds of visits to schools where she shares her books interactively, acts some out as plays, and teaches writing mini-lessons to students.   Lynn is a native Mainer who frequently uses her home state for inspiration when writing. She loves spending time outdoors snowshoing, walking, kayaking, and gardening, and currently lives in Winthrop, Maine with her husband.


“This story is a tender reminder that perceived shortcomings don't define us and that the power of friendship can't be underestimated.”Publishers Weekly

“This earnest boy-and-his-dog tale makes a strong case for Secret No. 11: ‘There's nothing so bad in the world that dog kisses won't make it better.’—Kirkus Reviews

“Perfect for reading aloud, any middle-level or younger student, especially dog lovers, will adore this humorous, heartwarming story of overcoming adversity.” –VOYA

“The characters are fully developed, and the delicate subjects of bullying and disabilities are dealt with deftly and with humor…heartbreaking, yet satisfying.”  --School Library Journal

“Maxi's story is one I know readers are going to love so much. I loved the friendship between Timminy and Abby, as well as the unlikely friendship found with Rory. All three of those characters are so multidimensional, giving readers a lot to think about as they navigate their own friendships during the difficult middle grade years… You really CAN learn a lot from a dog!” –Susan Dee, The Nerdy Book Club

“Recommended for kids and grownups who feel like they might never fit in, who worry about having their differences pointed out to all the world, and most of all who love dogs.” –Julie Falatko, author of Snappsy the Alligator (Did Not Ask to Be in This Book)


Thank you to Penguin Random House, 1 lucky winner will receive a copy of the book, as well a print of the cover art, which was illustrated by New York artist, Maira Kalman! To enter, please fill out the form below. US only. *Please see the giveaway form for terms & conditions 

The Uncorker of Ocean Bottles by Michelle Cuevas / Book Review

By: Michelle Cuevas
Illustrated by: Erin E. Stead
Published by: Dial Books
Released on: August 23rd, 2016
Ages: 4-8 years old 
Purchase from: The PublisherAmazon | B&N
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Rating: 5 Owlets - We Loved It!
*I received a signed copy of this book at BEA, in exchange for my honest review

A message in a bottle holds the promise of surprise and wonder, as told in this enthralling picture book by Caldecott Medalist Erin E. Stead
The Uncorker of Ocean Bottles, who lives alone atop a hill, has a job of the utmost importance. It is his task to open any bottles found at sea and make sure that the messages are delivered. He loves his job, though he has always wished that, someday, one of the letters would be addressed to him. One day he opens a party invitation—but there’s no name attached. As he devotes himself to the mystery of the intended recipient, he ends up finding something even more special: the possibility of new friends.

Like finding a letter in a glass bottle floating in the sea, this book is a treasure. 

The Uncorker of Ocean Bottles tells a timeless, beautiful story, with a powerful lesson. I love picture books like this. It's one that when we finished reading it, we immediately read it again, and have read many times since then.

Michelle's storytelling, and Erin's beautiful illustrations create a touching story that will stay with you long after you read it. It is a gem that can be read over and over again, for generation to comes.

One of my favorite lines from the book is, ".... for a letter can hold the treasure of a clam-hugged pearl."

This is one picture book I highly recommend picking up!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

THE MAGISTERIUM SERIES: THE BRONZE KEY / Snippet from @CassieClare and @HollyBlack

The count down for till the release of Holly Black & Cassandra Clare's THE MAGISTERIUM SERIES: THE BRONZE KEY continues! Only 5 more days till the book is out. Check out the snippet that Cassandra Clare shared here. You can also read it below:

Five days to Magisterium Five: The Bronze Key!
A snippet:
Call’s palms had started to sweat.
Call gritted his teeth and wiped his hands on his pants. Hadn’t Jasper just been testing his Evil Overlordliness? That was what Call needed to focus on. Evil Overlords, even ones who might not remember Evil Overlording, shouldn’t be scared of meeting up with their friends who just happened to be girls. Call was going to be fine. He had this.
With renewed and slightly desperate optimism, he headed toward the tapestry map. He could see Tamara and Aaron, still dancing out on the floor with the others. He wondered if it had occurred to Tamara to ask him to dance, but he knew she would always choose Aaron first. He’d accepted it a long time ago. He didn’t even really mind.
Anyway, Celia had said to come alone. Which he should definitely do if this was going to be about dating. Which he really hoped it wasn’t.
According to the map, the Trophy Room wasn’t far. He headed away from the crowd, through a set of doors and down a marble corridor with small alcoves set into the walls, holding old manuscripts and artifacts. Call liked the clicking sounds his shoes made on the floor as he went. He stopped to peer at an old wristband that must have been the prototype for the one he wore. The leather had been worn thin and several of the stones were missing from their setting. He didn’t recognize the name of the mage who was on the plaque behind it, but the date of his death was 1609, which seemed like a very long time ago.
A few more steps and Call came to the Trophy Room. Over the door, a sign read awards and honors. The door was propped open, so he slipped noiselessly inside.
It was a dim, solemn room, smaller than the main hall. Like the hall, the space was illuminated by an enormous chandelier, this one with blown-glass arms in the shape of octopus tentacles, each sucker dripping with crystals, as though droplets of water clung to them. The walls were covered with a collection of plaques and medallions that must have been given to students at the Collegium.
Call was entirely alone.
He took a turn around the room, glancing at the pictures of mages on the walls, wishing for a window where he could look at a fish or something to pass the time. He was sure Celia would be along in a minute.
After a few more minutes, he decided she wasn’t coming.
He felt unexpectedly glum. If this was his first date, it was a bust.

I also may be very jealous that they're both holding OWLS! 
We can't wait read The Bronze Key when it's out next Tuesday!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Holly Black / Cassandra Share Snippet from THE MAGISTERIUM SERIES: THE BRONZE KEY

We're a week away from the release of THE BRONZE KEY by Cassandra Clare & Holly Black! This is the next installment in their THE MAGISTERIUM SERIES. 

Check out both the US cover (above) and the UK cover (below).

To celebrate the book's upcoming release, Cassie and Holly both shared this snippet from the book, THE BRONZE KEY, which was originally shared here.

Magisterium — The Bronze Key!
comes out in ONE WEEK! A celebratory snippet from TBK:
* * *
“As a proof of how sincerely I am sorry, I could give you some of my best romantic tips,” Jasper offered.

Call, who’d been about to perch on one of the arms of the sofa, started laughing so hard that he fell. He hit his bad leg against the floor – which hurt – but not enough to keep him from howling with mirth.

Tamara was smiling, but clearly trying not to. Her lips kept twitching up and down at the corners.

“Are you okay?” Aaron asked, leaning over to help Call up.

“Yes!” Call managed to say before he started laughing again. He flopped onto the couch on Aaron’s other side, still wheezing. “Fine! I’m fine!”

“Number one,” Jasper said, with a frown at Call, who clearly didn’t appreciate the wisdom that was about to be dispensed, “when you talk to a girl, you have to look her right in the eye. And you can’t blink. That’s very important.”

“Doesn’t that mean your eyes start watering?” Aaron asjed.

“Not if you do it right,” Jasper replied significantly. Call wondered what that meant. Were you supposed to develop a second eyelid, like a lizard?

“Okay, so Tip One is that you stare right at a girl,” said Call. “If you like her.”

“Tip Two,” Jasper went on, “is to nod at everything she says, and laugh a lot.”

“Laugh at her?” said Tamara, dubiously.

“Like she’s hilarious,” said Jasper. “Girls like to think they’re charming you. Tip Three: smolder at her.”

“Smolder?” Aaron echoed in disbelief. “What’s that, exactly?”

Jasper straightened up, tossing his hair back. He lowered his eyelashes and stared directly at the three of them, his mouth turned down in a grim scowl.

“You look mad,” Call said.

Jasper squinted even harder, closing one of his eyes and staring meaningfully out of the other.

“Now you look like a pirate,” said Tamara.

“It works on Celia,” said Jasper. “She melts when I do that.”

“She must like pirates,” said Aaron.

Jasper rolled his eyes. “Tip Four is to have the right haircut, but that’s obviously hopeless for both of you.”

“There’s nothing wrong with my hair!” said Aaron.

“It’s all right,” said Jasper. “Call’s looks like he cut it with a sharp rock.”

“Is there a Tip Five?” asked Tamara.

“Buy her a cat calendar,” said Jasper. “Girls love cat calendars.”

All My Treasures: A Book of Joy by Jo Witek / Book Review

By: Jo Witek
Illustrated by: Christine Roussey
Published by: Abrams Kids
Released on: August 23rd, 2016 - Out TODAY!
Ages: 2-4
Purchase from: Amazon | B&N
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Rating: 3 Owlets - It's A Good Read
* I received a copy of this book to review from the publisher, in exchange for my honest review

When a girl receives a beautiful porcelain box from her grandmother, she immediately wants something special to put inside it. But what could it be? What does she love best? She loves jumping in puddles on rainy days, blowing bubbles in the park, and watching her little sister’s first steps. As it turns out, life’s most precious treasures cannot be contained in a box! With a gentle message about the immateriality of happiness, this story reminds us to take pleasure in everyday moments. The book is beautifully packaged with a sparkly die-cut star on the cover, and flaps throughout reveal hidden surprises.

The best treasures are things you can't buy, but the experiences and moments we have with family and friends, and sometimes by ourselves. 

All My Treasures is a cute story about a young girl who wants to fill a special box up that her Grandmother gave her, with special treasures. Each of her treasures are moments / things she loves doing with her family, friends, and even by herself. With it's easy to understand and relatable story, simple illustrations and primary colors, this book is one even the youngest readers will enjoy interacting with. They'll also enjoy finding hidden treasures under the lift the flaps, found on each page. 

On a side note, *the pages are studier than most picture books, but the flaps are still ones that could easily be torn by young readers. 

Monday, August 22, 2016

FURTHERMORE by Tahereh Mafi / “Tahereh’s Favorite Things” giveaway #Furthermore #TaherehMafi

Happy Marvelous Middle Grade Monday! Today I'm thrilled to host a giveaway for one of my favorite authors, Tahereh Mafi! Her debut middle grade book, FURTHERMORE will be out next week, and to celebrate, I've got a prize pack featuring some of her favorite things! Before I tell you how to enter to win, here's a little bit about her book:


By: Tahereh Mafi
Published by: Penguin / Random House
To Be Released on: August 30, 2016
Purchase from:
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The bestselling author of the Shatter Me series takes readers beyond the limits of their imagination in this captivating new middle grade adventure where color is currency, adventure is inevitable, and friendship is found in the most unexpected places. 
There are only three things that matter to twelve-year-old Alice Alexis Queensmeadow: Mother, who wouldn't miss her; magic and color, which seem to elude her; and Father, who always loved her. The day Father disappears from Ferenwood he takes nothing but a ruler with him. But it's been almost three years since then, and Alice is determined to find him. She loves her father even more than she loves adventure, and she's about to embark on one to find the other.

But bringing Father home is no small matter. In order to find him she'll have to travel through the mythical, dangerous land of Furthermore, where down can be up, paper is alive, and left can be both right and very, very wrong. Her only companion is a boy named Oliver whose own magical ability is based in lies and deceit--and with a liar by her side in a land where nothing is as it seems, it will take all of Alice's wits (and every limb she's got) to find Father and return home to Ferenwood in one piece. On her quest to find Father, Alice must first find herself--and hold fast to the magic of love in the face of loss.

Today's post topic is; UNIQUELY YOU. Alice feels out of place in her world, but is eager to prove her worth and talent. Today I'm sharing one thing that makes me feel fabulously unique, and that is sharing my love of reading. 

When I was in elementary, I was in a reading class, because I struggled with reading. I was in that class for a lot of my elementary school years. I hated it. I was made fun of a lot for it, but that never stopped my love of reading/looking through books. I substitute teach, and love to talk books with the kids I teach. I love talking to them about reading. They're often times surprised when I share with them that when I was their age, I struggled with reading. I tell them, that while that may be their struggle now, it's not something that defines who they are, and to keep trying, and not give up. Read every day. It motivates them when they see me as a teacher and learn that one of the things I do is review books. 

Running my sites has given me the chance to not only get books in a lot of children's hands, it's also allowed me to talk to kids about various books, the importance of reading. I love that I'm able to do that. Spreading the importance of reading / my love of reading, and letting kids know that their reading struggle is something they can over come, is one of the things that makes me feel uniquely fabulous.

We'd like to know, what is one of your own hidden talents; or what part of you makes you feel most uniquely fabulous.


Tahereh Mafi is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Shatter Me series. She can usually be found over-caffeinated and stuck in a book. You can find her online just about anywhere at @TaherehMafi or on her website, www.taherehbooks.com.

Read an excerpt of the first few chapters here!
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#Furthermore #TaherehMafi


Tahereh’s Favorite Things!
Four different prize packs including various items picked out special by Tahereh will be offered in giveaways across the Blogosphere. Collect them all!

Tahereh’s Favorite Things: Prize Pack #3
One (1) winner from your site receives:
·         a copy of Furthermore
·         Tarte™ Matte Lip Tint
·         Gimme Brow Volumizing Gel

Giveaway open to US addresses only.
Prizing and samples provided by Penguin Random House.

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Don't miss next week's FURTHERMORE blog tour stop here in Mundie Kids!

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PETE'S DRAGON: ELLIOT GETS LOST by David Lowery / Toby Halbrooks / Book Review #PetesDragon

PETE'S DRAGON is in theaters now! To celebrate the release of Disney's newest live action, family, friendly movie, I'm featuring three of Disney Press's newest book releases that fans of Pete's Dragon will love. Today's feature is for what's sure to become a beloved children's picture book, ELLIOT GETS LOST.


By: David Lowery and Toby Halbrooks

Illustrated by: Benjamin Lowery
Published by: Disney Press
Released on: June 28th, 2016
Ages: 3-5 
Purchase from: DisneyAmazon | B&N
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Rating: 5 Owlets - We Loved It
*I received a copy of this book to review from the publisher, in exchange for my honest review

Elliot the puppy is lost in the forest, and needs to find a new home. Will it be with a family of sheep, or a questioning owl, or maybe some playful fox cubs? Or will his search lead him somewhere else? From the screen to the page, Elliot Gets Lost will bring the fun and heartwarming story of a lost puppy to readers of all ages. 

Seen in the 2016 movie Pete's Dragon as one of Pete's prized possessions, the picture book was brought to the page by the film's creative team, and features never-before-seen illustrations. Fans of the movie and picture books alike will love this story of a young puppy's journey.

Elliot Gets Lost is the perfect way to introduce kids to the movie, and/or continue to fuel your love of Disney's newest beloved movie.  Inspired by the picture book featured in the live Pete's Dragon, ELLIOT GETS LOST, is an adorably illustrated picture book about a puppy named Elliott who gets lost in the forest, and with a little help from a few of he new forest animal friends, finds his way home. We loved this book, and read it numerous time prior to the movie's release. It was a great way to get ready for one of our most anticipated movies of the year. 

Whether or not you've seen the movie or plan on seeing it, this is one book I highly recommend picking up! It's a fantastic stand alone story. You don't need to see the movie to fall in love with this sweet Elliot, but if you do, be prepared to fall in love with both this book, and larger than life size Elliot from the movie. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

GIRAFFES RUIN EVERYTHING by Heidi Schulz / Book Review

By: Heidi Schulz

Illustrated by: Chris Robertson
Published by: Bloomsbury Children's Books
Released on: August 16th, 2016
Ages: 3 & up
Purchase from: Bloomsbury | Amazon | B&N
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Rating: 4 Owlets - We Really Enjoyed It!
* I received an arc to review from the publisher, in exchange for my honest review

It seems that giraffes will misbehave whether attending a birthday party, going to the movies, playing in the park, or just about anything else.

This book is simply adorable. With cute illustrations, easy to read text, and plenty of humor, this book is almost as great as owning a pet giraffe. Who wouldn't want to have a pet giraffe? Well having one might not seem all it's cracked up to be. At least that's what the story's young narrator starts out feeling. According to him, giraffes ruin everything! From birthday parties to going to the movies and playing games outside, giraffes ruin everything. That is until he realizes that just maybe giraffes really don't ruin everything.... 

You don't have to love giraffes to pick up this book, though if you do, you'll love it even more so! This is one cute picture book that's definitely worth picking up! I'm really hoping this is the first book in a series from Heidi. 

Monday, August 15, 2016

PETE'S DRAGON: THE LOST YEARS / Book Review / Marvelous Middle Grade Monday #PetesDragon

PETE'S DRAGON is in theaters now! To celebrate the release of Disney's newest live action, family, friendly movie, I'm featuring three of Disney Press's newest book releases that fans of Pete's Dragon will love. Today's feature is for PETE'S DRAGON: THE LOST YEARS, a fantastic book for middle grade readers.


By: Elizabeth Rudnick

Illustrated by: Nicholas Kole
Published by: Disney Press
Released on: June 28th, 2016
Ages: 9-12 yrs old
Purchase fromDisney | Amazon | B&N
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Rating: 5 Owlets - We Loved It

* I received a copy of this book to review from the publisher, in exchange for my honest review

When a young boy named Pete gets lost in a gigantic forest, he forms an unforgettable friendship with a giant flying dragon named Elliot. Based in the world of the film Pete's Dragon, this original story features original illustrations, explores Pete and Elliot's adventures and struggles in the forest and tells the tale of the lost years not shown in the film.

PETE'S DRAGON: THE LOST YEARS is a fantastic read. Based on the world of the live action screenplay of PETE'S DRAGON by David Lowery & Toby Halbrooks, this book is a great introduction to Pete and Elliot's worldThe story follows Pete and Elliot's adventures prior to the beginning of the movie. While this story itself is not featured in the live action movie, it's one that introduces readers to Pete & Elliot, and their world. Readers will understand the relationship between Pete and Elliot more, as well as see their struggles, and go on an unforgettable adventure with these two beloved characters. 

I loved this book. It's one we really enjoyed reading. I loved that there's so much to this story. One of my favorite things about this book are the illustrations. I absolutely love the illustrations in this book, and I think it will definitely appeal to readers of all ages, especially it's targeted audience. Pete's Dragon: The Lost Years is a book I would recommend picking up. 

For fans who have seen the movie, this is a great explanation of the things you don't see in the movie. This book not only gives readers more of a back story on the characters, it allows fans to reenter the world of Pete and Elliot they didn't want to leave when the movie ended. I think this is a book that will resonate with both middle grade and younger readers, though it is written for more advanced readers. The great thing about this book, is that you don't have to see the movie to read, and enjoy it. While this book compliments the movie beautifully, it is it's own story. 

Thursday, August 11, 2016

PETE'S DRAGON: Junior Novel, Movie Tie-In Edition / Book Review / Marvelous Middle Grade Monday #PetesDragon

PETE'S DRAGON is in theaters tomorrow! To celebrate the release of Disney's newest live action, family, friendly movie, I'm featuring three of Disney Press's newest book releases that fans of Pete's Dragon will love. Today's feature is for PETE'S DRAGON: the junior novel (movie tie-in edition).


By: Landry Q. Walker

Published by: Disney Press
Released on: June 28th, 2016
Ages: 9-12 years old
Purchase fromDisney | Amazon | B&N
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Rating: 4 Owlets - We Enjoyed It

* I received a copy of this book to review from the publisher, in exchange for my honest review

Pete has a friend and protector in the huge green dragon Elliot. But when they are discovered in the forest, Pete must find a way to protect Elliot in return. A boy and his dragon find friendship, adventure, and a place to belong in this junior novel based on the upcoming Walt Disney Studios film, Pete's Dragon. Includes an 8-page photo insert!

One of the things I love about Disney movies, are the movie tie-in edition books. PETE'S DRAGON is a fabulous junior novel, that brings the movie to life within the pages of this book. Featuring 8 pages of pictures from the movie, this book is perfect for fans of the movie, and those who've not yet seen it. 
It's a great way to introduce a whole new generation of readers to some Disney classics. Written for a target audience for 9-12 year olds, fans of all ages will enjoy this companion to the new live action movie, PETE'S DRAGON. On a side note, I absolutely love this cover. 

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

August Middle Grade Releases We're Looking Forward to Reading

It's August, and that means it's a new month full of fantastic book releases. Today I wanted to feature a couple of August's MG release, which we're excited to read/feature on Mundie Kids.

What are some August MG releases you're looking forward to reading? If you haven't already, be sure to add these titles to your MG to be read lists! 

*  *  *  *  * 

There have been a lot of fantastic middle grade releases this year. Many of which I'm looking forward to featuring here on Mundie Kids before the end of the year. For awhile now I've wanted to do a feature similar to the one I do on Mundie Moms. Each month I feature a list of YA books being released for the month. Often times I include a couple of middle grade releases as well. I've had the intentions of doing a similar list like that here on Mundie Kids, but it's not as easy researching the list of the MG releases as it is YA. Which is sad, because there is a HUGE variety of children's books out there. Here on Mundie Kids I plan on doing a monthly feature that will spotlight a few of each month's new and upcoming MG releases. Hopefully in doing that, you can also share with me some of the month's new MG releases you're also looking forward to reading. 

Monday, August 1, 2016

Happy 30th Birthday to THE BABY-SITTERS CLUB! #BSC30

Happy Birthday to a series that really got me interested in reading when I was a kid. Thirty years ago today the first book in The Baby-Sitters Club was released! I can't believe it's been thirty series since I was first introduced to this series. I loved this series as a kid. Kristy, Claudia, Mary Anne, Stacey, and the whole gang were all characters I loved reading about. Plus they made baby sitting seem fun. More than that, these characters were ones that were so relatable to me. Now I feel really old..... Here's to a whole new generation of young readers getting introduced to a wonderful series. 

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Happy Birthday Harry Potter #HarryPotter

It's a great day for Harry Potter fans! Not only is today Harry Potter's birthday, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is also out! From last night's midnight releases, to Freeform airing a weekend of Harry Potter movies, to celebrating one of the most beloved children's book characters, fans of Harry Potter have plenty of reasons celebrate! 

One of the things I love about this year, is the fact I get to enjoy the release of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child through my kids's eyes. They are huge fans of the series. The HP series first came out when I was in college, so I didn't experience the craze of Harry Potter midnight releases. While we didn't get to attend on last night, we still had a lot of fun. We prepped last week by picking up a few Harry Potter games, Clue and Trivial Pursuit. Both of which are at Barnes and Noble, and can be purchased with a discount if you have a B&N membership, as well as coupons. 

For all the old HP fans, be sure to dust off your HP costumes, get your HP books out, pull out your HP decor, and gather together with fellow HP fans to celebrate HP weekend! Don't forget to follow up your Harry Potter read-athons with a Harry Potter movie-a-thon (being aired on Freeform)! This is the perfect weekend to use HP as an excuse to cancel all your plans, and relive part of the happiest memories of your childhood, and create new memories. 

Thursday, July 21, 2016

National Geographic Kids - National Parks Edition / Book Reviews

Hit the road this summer with National Geographic Kids and celebrate the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service. What's more exciting than taking a road trip to a National Park. We love adventure, and visiting some of our countries National Parks have been our most memorable trips. There's so much to see and do at any one of our vast National Parks. To help young readers get excited about our National Parks, National Geographic Kids has the perfect books for you to pick up.

National Geographic Kids: National Parks Guide USA (Centennial Edition): The Most Amazing Sights, Scenes, and Cool Activities from Coast to Coast!

By: National Geographic Kids
Published by: National Geographic
Released on: February 9th, 2016 
Purchase from: National GeographicAmazon | B&N
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Happy 100th Birthday, National Parks! Join the centennial celebration by reading all about these greatest of American treasures - from Acadia to Zion, in preparation for a parks visit sometime soon. Filled with color photos, information on animals, fascinating lists, fun facts, maps, cool things to do, conservation tips, and much more. Think of this book as your trusted guide to these most majestic of places. 

This is a book for all ages! No matter what part of the country you're in, this book covers all the national parks our country has to offer. From beautiful pictures, to information about the park, and a map showing where the park is located, and what you can except to find and do there. Broken up by regions, i.e. The Northwest, Southwest etc, this book is a must have for all adventurers, both young and old. This book is a great way to get your kids excited about visiting / learning more about our National Parks.

National Geographic Kids, Junior Ranger Activity Book: Puzzles, Games Facts and Tons More Fun Inspired by The U.S. National Parks!

By: National Geographic Kids
Published by: National Geographic
Released on: February 9th, 2016 
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Calling all explores and nature lovers! From Acadia to Zion, discover all 59 of the United States' amazing National Parks in this jam packed books of games, trivia, jokes, fun facts and so much more, all inspired by the National Parks outdoor based Junior Ranger Program. Great for pre-trip excitement, long car rides, poking around historical sites, or general learning, these fun and sometimes silly activities will entertain while they draw kids into the majestic and historic importance of America's national parks. Check out the most amazing park habitats, plus awesome sights and animals you might see, from birds to bears. Fun facts are jam-packed onto every page, so kids learn something amazing about each cool park.

Great for hitting the road, this book is packed with fun facts, games, puzzles, and tons of fun. Inspired by the U.S. National Parks, this book will not only keep kids entertained on the road (or in flight), this book makes learning fun. Kids will learn about each park, it's history, the animals there, and so much more. This is a great book to pick up before you hit the open road. 

National Geographic Kids: Funny Fill-In My National Parks Adventure

By: National Geographic Kids
Published by: National Geographic
Released on: February 9th, 2016 
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Visiting a National Park is a lot of fun. A great way to remember the fun you had at each park or on the way to the park, is with this Funny Fill-In, My National Parks Adventure book. Similar to MadLips, this age appropriate book for kids is one that features each park, and is a fun way for them remember to all their experienced during their visit. 

Buddy Bison's Yellowstone Adventure

By: Ilona E. Holland
Published by: National Geographic Kids
Released on: February 9th, 2016 
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Twins Elena and Christopher are visiting Yellowstone National Park with their Aunt Rosa, a park ranger, when she gets an emergency call. Instead of waiting patiently, Christopher wanders off. That's when Buddy Bison, the adorable toy clipped to Elena's backpack, suddenly comes to life. As soon as Buddy leads Elena safely to her twin, her new oversize pal disappears. What happened to Buddy Bison? Did Elena imagine him or does he really exist? 

Buddy Bison's Yellowstone Adventure offers breathtaking photographs and a charming story as well as an afterword with a short history of the park, a detailed map, and fun facts about wildlife, conservation and more.

If you're heading to Yellowstone this summer, be sure to check out Buddy Bison's Yellowstone Adventure. 

This is a fun story for young readers to learn more about Yellowstone. With it's blend of character illustrations featured over breathtaking pictures of Yellowstone, readers will follow twins, Christopher and Elena, on their Yellowstone adventure with their Aunt, along with their plush animal, Buddy the Bison. Elena's in for a real surprise when she can't find her brother, and Buddy himself comes to life to help her. As they look for Christopher, Elena learns a lot more about Yellowstone, all thanks to Buddy and the adventure he takes her on. 

Buddy Bison, who is also the mascot for the National Park Trust, loves to teach kids all about the park they're visiting as well as the importance of being a great park visitor. In this story, Buddy comes to life and teaches Elena about Yellowstone, including about the geysers (old Faithful), bison and more. At the end of this book, readers will find fun facts about Yellowstone, a brief history of the park, a map of the park, and pictures.

* Each of these books reviewed, were received from the publisher, in exchange for my honest review. Each book reviewed 5 owls, and are books I'd highly recommend picking up!

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