Thursday, January 28, 2010

Scholastic's Book Fairs

I grew up LOVING the Scholastic Book Fairs and I'm looking forward for when my kids start bringing home fliers for them. Well, Scholastic posted on the site today what it takes to pick the right books for the book fairs.
"Picking the perfect book to take home from the Scholastic Book Fair is a big decision for many kids, and I treated it seriously. It would take me forever to decide which books would be MINE(!) and which I had to put back for next time...But, little did my 9-year-old self know how much work and time the Book Selection committee puts into deciding each and every book that may end up at a Scholastic Book Fair. To give you a better idea, Teryl McLane from Scholastic Book Fairs guest posts on the intricate process of how books are selected for Book Fairs."
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