Sunday, August 8, 2010

Book Review- Bob Books Sight Words

Written by Lynn Maslen Kertell
Illustrated by Sue Hendra
Published by Scholastic
Released- Out Now!
5 Stars- This is a Must Have

I can not rave enough about Bob Books!! Bob Books are the new Dick and Jane books. These have been instrumental in my son learning to read. Within in one day of reading the books together, he was reading by himself. With their simply pictures on each page and the easy to read words, any child who's having difficulty reading will be able to read in no time.

After my 1st review of their Beginning Reader set, I then bought the Advanced Reader set. My son was so excited to continue he new found love of reading. I was thrilled when I was sent the new Bob Books set, Bob Books Sight Words Kindergarten and Bob Books Sight Words First Grade. The sight word sets are phenomenal! The day we received them, my son who's going to Kindergarten opened up the box and begin reading the books.

What I like most about these sets is you receive 10 books, a parent guide and 30 flash cards in each set. I'm not a huge flash card fan, but these flash cards go where ever we go. On each flash card they have one sight word, and then the other side has the sentence with the word in it, and a picture that you'd find in a Bob Book.

We struggled with other beginning reader books, but not with the Book Books. I went from being concerned about how I would go about teaching my son to read, to ecstatic that we are able to sit together each day as he's now reading to me. I highly recommend Bob Books for parents, teachers, and anyone who's involved with teaching children how to read.

Be sure to visit their link here to find out more about their books. Visit our site tomorrow as we'll be giving away some Bob Books sets!!

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