Saturday, August 28, 2010

Book Review-Captain Sky Blue

Story & Pictures by Richard Egielski
Published by Scholastic
To Be Released September 2010
Source- Scholastic
3 stars- This is a good read!

Santa brings Jack his best toy pal, Captain Sky Blue, a pilot. Sky speak in pilot talk ("Roger! Wilco!"). After a thunderstorm separates Sky and his buddy ("Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!"), Sky is abducted by a whale, then left alone to wander the frigid ocean floor until he chances upon a very special place, a place where he's been before ("Now I'm spooled up!"). Captain Sky Blue thinks he has finally found an easy way home, but first he must help Santa out on Christmas Eve- a challenge that put his pilot skills to the test. (taken from books cover)

This is such a delightful read that younger kids and especially those who love planes will really enjoy. Young readers will love going on an adventure with Captain Sky Blue, as he tries to find his way home to Jack. Captain Sky Blue loves his best pal Jack, his blue and yellow plane and flying. When Captain Sky Blue becomes lost in a thunderstorm, and finds he's far away from home, he sets out to find a way to return home.

On his journey home, he finds himself back at Santa's workshop. Santa needs his help! Will Captain Sky Blue be able to help Santa? Will he ever be reunited with Jack? Be rest assured, Captain Sky Blue will do all that he can to help Santa and return home to Jack. This is a delightful read, with great illustrations. I love that there's a page with definitions for all of Captain Sky Blue's pilot talk. This is a great book to read not just for the holiday season, but all year long.


  1. I love the imagination in this story, but am curious what you make of the pilot's lingo. Did it get in the way of enjoying the story, or add extra appeal?

  2. Hi Mary Ann- I think it added to the story. There were a few times my kids were a little lost on the words, but over all they were able to understand it.


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