Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Book Review G.W. Frog and the Circus Lion

Author: George W. Everett
Publisher: West Bow Press
Released: August 9, 2010
Source: Author
Ages: 3-7
Rating: 4 Stars

Larry the Lion is distraught. His looks have changed over the years as he became an old lion. Losing his teeth was a big blow to his ego and inner courage. Along comes an unsuspected friend in the form of a very caring Frog. Along with some other critters from Frog Holler, and some creative genius, they fix up the old lion, restore his courage, and save the day!

I dismissed this book at first glance. It's been sitting by my desk for several weeks and I never took the time to read through it. The pictures are cute but there is a lot of text on the pages and I didn't think my daughter would like it. Another reminder to me to not judging a book before reading it.

Larry Lion is no longer the fierce lion he once was. He's lost all his teeth is no longer a fearsome sight. G.W. Frog and Gerald Grasshopper decide to help. This is a story that teaches that helping others can bring a smile to those we help and make us smile too.

The bright colored illustrations are perfect for preschool ages children.

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