Friday, December 31, 2010

Book Review- Happy 100th Day

By Susan Milord
Illustrated By Mary Newell DePalma
Published By Scholastic
Ages 4-8
Source- Scholastic
3 Stars- It's A Good Read

Birthdays meet 100th Day in a school celebration unlike anything you've seen before!

Graham doesn't like school. He really doesn't like reading. And he's not impressed by his teacher's excitement about the 100th Day of School. The one thing he looks forward to? His class birthday party. But as the school year ticks by, he realizes his birthday will be the SAME DAY as 100th Day celebration! Will anyone remember Graham's special day?

This sweet and funny story by Susan Milord is accompanied by vibrant multimedia illustrations by Mary Newell DePalma -- each one incorporating 100 of some object for readers to count and find! (quoted from Goodreads).

Happy 100th Day is a fun story and easily relatable to younger kids who are K and 1st. Graham is the little boy in the story, and we see all the he accomplishes within in first 100 days of schools. He over comes his struggle of learning to read and be accustom to being in school. By his 100 days Graham's confidence in himself has grown a lot and he's able to celebrate how much he's learned, and the fact that he's learned to read.

The wonderful illustrations make this book one that kids will enjoy, as each picture goes along with what Graham and his class have learned through their 1st 100 days of school.

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