Thursday, January 27, 2011

Board Book Review- I Love You Always & Forever

By Joanthan Emmett
Illustrated by Daniel Howarth
Published by Scholastic
Released on Janurary 1st, 2011
Ages- 2 yrs & up
Source- the publisher
5 stars- A Book We Read Over & Over Again

In this endearing story about a father and his child, Longtail is always so much faster than Littletail. He's also so much cleverer. But that won't be forever, Longtail tells Littletail. At the end of a busy day, as Littletail curls up in their nest, Longtail reminds her of the one thing that will stay the same--always and forever (quoted from Goodreads).

This is a fantastic board book, as not only is it a story about a father mouse and his young daughter, but it's a beautiful story that no matter how children grow, their parents will always love them. As a parent, I loved that power message. Jonathan Emmett does a fantastic job at expressing the ways the father will always love his young daughter, no matter what she can or can't do.

This is story is a hit with my children, as the illustrations are great, the story is powerful and fun, and it's a book that makes them think, and ask questions similar to the ones Littletail asks her father, Longtail. I Love You Always & Forever is a great book to add to your bedtime book collection and one I definitely recommend picking this book up.

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