Thursday, February 10, 2011

Book Review- Bob Staake's Look! A Book

Written & Illustrated By Bob Staake
Published by Little Brown Kids
Released on February 1st, 2011
Ages- For All Ages
Source- Little Brown
5 stars- Highly Recommend Picking It Up

Look! A book! A hook! A cowboy cook!
Weird and kooky things that go!
Some go fast and some go slow!
Can you find the squawking crow?

Go on a crazy seek-and-find adventure in this new picture book from award-winning artist Bob Staake. Die-cuts on every page draw readers into each themed scene and invite them to find the items hidden within the elaborately detailed spreads. From underwater worlds, to haunted houses and tree-top towns, there are endless details for readers to search for and discover. This inventive picture book format will have kids hooked from the very first die-cut page all the way through to the end where a gate-fold finale challenges them to go back for yet another look and even more surprises (quoted from Goodreads).

This is a fantastic book for kids! Not only are the pictures great and pages fun to look through, but Bob incorporates rhyming words and easy to read words, making this a book that K and 1st graders can read.

This book is one the whole family and/or the whole class can enjoy. One top of trying to find what is mentioned on each page, Bob has hidden things on each page that readers have to find, from baseballs to pineapples, red books and a lot more.

This is one book I definitely one I recommend picking up.

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