Sunday, February 6, 2011

Book Review- Quick, Slow, Mango!

By Anik McGrory
Illustrated by Anik McGrory
Published by Bloomsbury Children's Books
Released on January 4th, 2011
Source- Bloomsbury
3 stars- It's A Good Read

The star of Anik McGrory's critically acclaimed Kidogo returns in a stand-alone story about delicious mangoes, silly monkeys, and taking one's own sweet time. Baby elephant Kidogo is off with his Mama to find breakfast. Kidogo loves to take his time, and wants to do everything slowly, slowly—even though Mama wants to move quickly. Meanwhile, up in the trees, a mischievous monkey named Polé Polé is always in a hurry, trying to grab all the mangoes he can. Fast and slow, these two adorable critters meet up in the luckiest way—and it's mangoes for breakfast for everyone!

Quick, Slow, Mango! is about friendship, as Pole Pole the monkey and Kidogo the elephant meet up in a most unexpected way. PolePole is always in a hurry and Kidogo enjoys taking his time and together these two friends learn that sometimes it's okay to go slow and sometimes it's okay to be fast.

The fun, bright illustrations really add a lot to this fun story! I think it's one that toddlers and early elementary school aged kids will enjoy.

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