Sunday, June 19, 2011

Book Review: The Emerald Casket

Published by Walden Pond Press
Released on May 17th, 2011
Ages 9-13
Source- ARC from publisher for review
2nd book in The Archer Legacy
4.5 stars- A Fabulous Sequel

It has only been a month since Gerald Wilkins be-came the richest kid on earth. One month since he found out his great-aunt Geraldine had left him all her fortune and, with it, a murder mystery, clues to a diamond heist, and a target on his back. One month since Sir Mason Green made off with the contents of the diamond casket, an object of unspeakable power. And you thought your school vacation was eventful.

As book two of the Archer Legacy opens, Gerald, Ruby, and Sam come upon papers, drawings, and reams of research, all indicating that Gerald's family has been protecting a secret concerning nothing less than the fate of the world. Now Gerald and his friends are off to India to try to find out the truth. Friendships will be forged and broken. A city buried under the sea will be rediscovered. A whole mess of pigeons will be involved. And Gerald is going to have to make a choice between his love for his friends and the darkest desires of his heart.

It's entirely possible that this month might be even more eventful than the last.

Picking up right where The Billionaire's Curse ends, Gerald and his friends, siblings Rudy and Sam, find themselves in the middle of more heart pounding action, deadly twists, and more mystery as they try and uncover more clues to his Great Aunt's death and his family secrets. This times their adventure takes them to India, and what a trip it is. You don't even need to leave the comforts of home to feel like you've just gone on a first class trip with Gerald and his friends.

India offers a lot of fun, and adventure for the characters and readers alike. The action is engaging and I felt realistic for the story. One of the things that I enjoyed about this sequel was getting to know the characters more indepth. I've come to love each of the teens in their own ways. Each character offers a lot to the story and together they make a fabulous team of detectives. Their friendship and trust in each other is not only well written but it's relatable. Their interactions and humor together really bring the story to life and I think it's something that young readers will really enjoy. I also like the way Richard has written his adult characters, as I've come to love some of them and have my suspicions about others. I'm interested in finding out more about them in the next book.

With many more twists, adventure and mystery, The Emerald Casket is a fabulous sequel that leaves me wondering what lies in store for Gerald and his friends in France. This is an exciting series and one I'd recommend picking up. It's the perfect summer read.

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