Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Book Review: Bosley Sees The World by Tim Johnson

By: Tim Johnson
Published: self published
Source: e-book reviewed from author
To Be Released: TBA
Ages: 0 - 6
3 stars: It's A Good Read
Pre-order from: kickstart

Bosley Sees the World

The first book in a series of 'The Adventures of Bosley Bear'. This is the story of a small bear who is excited to see and experience everything around him. This story encourages children to take on new challenges and helps to build confidence for children experiencing new things. This book is about Bosley’s determination to challenge himself and discover new possibilities, and his realization that there is so much out there in the big world to explore. -quoted from Kickstart's site

Bosley's fun adventure book is one kids will enjoy as they get to explore Bosley's world right along side him. From his cave, to his backyard forest, the running river and the high mountain peak. Everything is new, exciting and fun to explore. The other great feature about Bosley's adventure is that this book is a dual language book. The version I read was both English and Spanish. There's a useful guide in the back that will help parents translate the words. I love it when books can not only entertain my kids, but teach them something. While I love that Bosley teaches dual languages, I hope that at some point this book will also come with a CD to teach kids how to speak the language, because my personal worry is if I'm saying the word correctly.

I think this book is most beneficial for toddlers through kindergarten aged kids. There's simple phrases and repeat words that make it easy for them to understand and follow along. Currently Bosley's adventure is being sold in English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Russian, Chinese and Arabic. If you're looking for a dual language children's book, I'd recommend looking into Bosley's world.

You can learn more about Tim's debut and the story behind Bosley's story here and preorder the book here. Here's an example of a page out of Bosley's book:

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