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Picture Book Reviews: Glamorous Glasses by Barbara Johansen Newman / You Are A Star! By Michael Parker

By: Barbara Johansen Newman
Published by: Boyds Mills Press
Released on: September 1st, 2012
Source: book from publisher to review
4 Stars: We Enjoyed It!
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Bobbie and Joanie are best friends and best cousins, and they do everything together. So when Joanie has to get glasses, Bobbie figures she'll get them, too--especially once she discovers the fabulous frames on display at the eyeglasses store. Meanwhile, Joanie has the opposite reaction. Glasses make her feel different and look different. And they're uncomfortable. So the ever-resourceful Bobbie comes up with a perfect plan to make both of them happy. Illustrations full of rich, comical details enhance this story about friendship and a classic childhood experience.

This is a really cute story with a great message for kids. I remember being in 5th grade and dreading having to get reading glasses. It was not something I wanted to have to wear. I loved that this story isn't just about Barbara's cousins Joanie needed glasses, it's about how Bobbie wanted also wanted to find her own glamorous pair of glasses even though she didn't need them. I wish I had, had a friend like Barbara to go eye glass shopping with me at this age. I think I would have enjoyed having to get glasses a lot more than I did. 

This is a cute story about friendship, and Barbara wanting to have her own pair of glasses. My little girl and I enjoyed reading this story and laughing out loud at all the things Barbara does to try and get glasses, even faking like she can't see well, until the eye doctor tells she has perfect vision. Things get a little crazy when she and her cousin switch, Barbara wears Joanie's glasses and the two of them make a mess of things, as neither one of them can see well, well I mean Joanie can't see without her glasses on and Barbara can't see with Joanie's glasses on. Luckily everything works out in the end and Barbara finds her lucky pair of Glamorous Glasses at a yard sale. 

By: Michael Parker
Illustrated by: Judith Rossell
Published by: Bloomsbury Kids
Released on: September 18th, 2012
Source: book from publisher to review
4 Stars: We Enjoyed It!
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When it’s time to sleep, the night might seem dark and scary, but in this unique bedtime story, readers take a journey through the night sky to the moment a star is born. Starting as a fire in the sky that explodes into millions of pieces, stars eventually become part of Earth with all the living things on it—meaning that everyone has a little bit of stardust inside them. With a light dose of science and a reassuring tone, readers will know that they never have to be afraid of the dark as long as the stars are shining

This is a fun bedtime story with an engaging scientific aspect to it. The story is about how each of us is tied to the universe through pieces of star dust that each of us has inside of us. It was much different than what I was excepting to read, but it was an enjoyable book non the less. My kids enjoyed seeing how the stars were mapped out through the story. There are some great illustrations that accompany this story. 

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