Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Picture Book Month Kicks Off TODAY! #picturebookmonth

Happy November 1st! This month kicks of PICTURE BOOK MONTH! During the entire month of November, I'll be featuring a variety of picture book reviews and spot lights. Each day during the month of November, a picture book will be featured here on the blog. We're HUGE fans of picture books. I grew up with a love of them, and I've loved reading them to my kids, and enjoy reading them to the younger kids I teach. No matter your age, you're never too old to read a picture book.

If you're a fan of picture books, be sure to join the month long celebration! You can find out more about here. They even have a schedule you can follow, here. Since I have a huge stack of picture books to review, I won't be following the schedule, however, I will be sharing my love for picture books all month long. Join the fun, and be an ambassador of children's picture books. Find out more here

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  1. Yay for picture book month :) Excited to see all the posts. I'm behind, but shall look at them all ;p


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