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The majority of the reviews featured on MK's are writing by Katie (Mundie Kids), and her sister, Lizzy. 
You'll also find some previous reviews written by guest reviewers  Sophie, Aly, Kathy and Lauralee

5 Stars- I highly recommend reading this book!
4 Stars- I really liked this book. Go pick it up.
3 Stars- A Good read.
2 Stars- It was an OK read.

I do occasionally post a blurb about the reviews posted on Mundie Kids on Mundie Moms, linking the review back to my site here. I often times will feature some of my favorite Middle Grade reads on Mundie Moms at the end of the week the books were reviewed. 

My Review Policy:
Mundie Kids reviews are based solely on how the individual reviewer feels about the book. The reviews are based on books we receive from authors, publishers, have purchased from the book store or checked out at the library. At no time are we or do we get paid for our reviews. Our reviews are honest in how we feel about the book. 

Currently we are NOT accepting new review requests, unless it's from a publisher/author I've worked with previously. When our review schedule opens up more we will be accepting review requests from new authors/publishers we've not previously worked with. 

All books we review for Mundie Kids must be age appropriate (toddler to 12 years old) and clean reads. The books we review on Mundie Kids are ones for families to read together as well as kids. 

Please contact Katie at: mundiekids@gmail dot com (all run together) for further questions and inquiries.

We love hosting Giveaways, and while the bulk of our giveaways are hosted on Mundie Moms, we do occasionally host giveaways here on Mundie Kids.

* Winners are selected using Rafflecopter

* NO child is allowed to enter with out a parent's permission.

* We do NOT save any personal information. Your name, email and mailing address are deleted along with the form, once the contest is over. If you are uncomfortable putting in your mailing address, please note that in the form and I'd be happy to have you email it to me should you chosen as the winner.

* All winners will be notified via the email you provide us when filling out our entry form. We are not held reliable if your email filters our email as span, or you provide a bad email.

* Winnings can be mailed from us or from the publisher.

* For winnings the publisher send- Publishers send the winning items via the carrier they choose. The majority of publisher hosted giveaways are only open to US residents, but we will specify when that is the case. IF you are international and a US mailing address we can send it to, please enter that address.

* All items we, ourselves ship are sent Media Mail.

* Delivery Confirmation will only be selected when we mail a signed book (this service is NOT valid for over seas shipping).

* We are NOT, nor the authors or publishers, responsible for lost, stolen items. If you do not receive your item with in a timely manner, please notify us and we will do our best to fix the situation, but we do NOT guarantee we can replace the item that is lost in the mail.

Our giveaways are open to our internationally followers when noted, and due to the rising costs in shipping and paying with shipping out of our own pockets, all Internationally winners will need to pay for their shipping costs within 48 hours of receiving our email, before the book/books are shipped. If within 48 hours no payment or contact is made, we will then select another winner.
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