Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Great Bedtime Stories for Little Ones

By Steve Metzer
Illustrated by Claire Keay
Published by Tiger Tales
Released 2009
Ages 1-5

Every season has it's song, and I love you all year long!
Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall... celebrate the love between you and your little one all through the year with this reassuring board book!

This was such a cute read, that I couldn't help but add this my children's collection of bedtime stories. Journey through the season and celebrate the fun each season brings, telling your child you love them when....
"I love you when.... We catch falling leaves that dance in the breeze. Our hayrides gets silly in air crisp and chilly."
Cute pictures and great rhyming words will make this story one both you and your child will enjoy.

By Kate Toms
Published by Make Believe Ideas Ltd.
Published in 2007
Ages: 1-5

A delightful bedtime story about a small mouse who dreams of the twinkling stars. Could he catch one in a net and keep it as his special pet? Or could he fly up on his rocket and gather star dust in his pocket? Rhyming text and beautiful hand-stitched illustrations make this an ideal book for parents and young children to share.

This is one we read every single night. It's such a great cute spin on the popular song, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. Little mouse gets ready for bed and talks to the star shining brightly above. He wants to keep it his pet and wonders if there's other mice like he, who live across the sea and see the same star. It's a great rhyming book for your little ones. My youngest loves to touch the glittery star you'll see on each page, that matches the one on the cover.

By Claire Freedman
Illustrated by Tina Macnaughton
Published by Good Books
Released in 2007 (original release in 2005)
Ages: infant-5

All of the animals, from the bold leopard to the shy antelope, snuggle down for the night, ready to sleep, in this charming book. The baby hippo cuddles up close for a big hippo hug while the porcupines curl up together in one spiky ball. This soothing rhyme, illustrated with glowing pastels, is the perfect bedtime story for a child worn out by a busy day.

This is another favorite that's read almost every night. This story takes us through the African Savannah as all the little animals get ready for bed. From tired lion cubs, to the mischievous monkey to baby hippo. The illustrations are adorable and I'm sure will be loved by your little ones.

Great Bedtime Stories For the Whole Family

Words and Music by Pete Seeger
Paintings by Linda Wingerter
Published by Little Brown and Company
Published in 2002

When asked which of his songs he would most like to be sung 100 years from now, Pete Seeger replied, 'One Grain of Sand.' To bring this song to life on the page, artist Linda Wingerter painted rich, luminous scenes of families waking and sleeping all over the world-from a beach in Thailand, to a snowy pond in Scandanavia, to a high-rise apartment building in New York. The result is a gorgeous gift book for babies and families that celebrates the world's precious places and people, reflecting Seeger's lifelong commitment to social and environmental harmony. (taken from

I absolutely love this book. I love that it's full of pictures from around the world. My children love to see the various pictures, which are beautiful, and show children in their various cultures. The story is based on a lullaby, which is included in the book.

By Tony Mitton
Illustrated by Mandy Sutcliffe
Published by Little Brown and Company
1st Published in Great Britain in 2003 by Orchard Books

When it is time for bed, a brother and sister say goodnight to things both inside and outside their house.

This is one of our all time favorite stories! It's filled with great illustrations, a brother and sister say good night to the things that surround their little world, both inside and outside their house.

By Lisa McCue
Published by Sterling Publishing
Released 2009

In this beautiful picture book by renowned artist Lisa McCue, Little Bunny discovers the importance—and pleasure—of dancing to your own kind of music. More than anything, Quiet Bunny loves the sounds of the forest: the birds chirping, the wind whispering shhhhh through the leaves, and, especially, the night song all the rabbits listen to. But, one day, he wonders: how can I join in? Bunny wanders the woods asking animal after animal—but he just can’t ch-cheet like the cricket, ssssss like the hissing snake, or o-uuuu like the howling wolves. But nothing feels just right—until Quiet Bunny finds the wonderful beat that’s his and his alone.

My children really enjoy this book. It's one of their favorite stories to have read before bedtime. They love to make the animal sounds and help Quiet Bunny make his night song.
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the child in the adult, but to the adult in the child.
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