Monday, November 23, 2009

Scholastic's Year In Sports 2010

Published by Scholastic
Released Dec. 1, 2009
192 pages
5 out of 5 stars

Product description: (from Amazon)
This must-have sports almanac will tell kids everything they want and need to know about the previous year in sports (Fall '08 through Summer '09). It includes major sports (basketball, baseball, football, hockey); "secondary" sports (golf, tennis, cycling, auto racing); and action sports (BMX, snowboarding, in-line skating).

SCHOLASTIC YEAR IN SPORTS 2010 is heavily illustrated with fabulous full-color action photos of the year's most thrilling moments and memorable athletes. For each sport, kids will find a list of team names (or the top players), team stats, championship game summaries (i.e., what happened in Super Bowl XXXXIII or the 2009 NBA play-offs?), records and milestones, award winners (i.e., who are the Cy Young Award winners of the last 10 years?), all-time stats, past champions, "Did You Know?" questions, great moments in sports, "Fast Facts," mini-bios of key personalities, and more.

This lively title offers kids quick, cool sports facts and isn't weighed down by lengthy blocks of texts. Just great information for sports fans of every age!

This is a must have book for any sports fan. It covers everything from The Top 10 Moments in Sports, to the MLB, NFL, NHL, College ball, to Soccer, motor sports, Golf and more. The pictures are brilliant, the the statistics and records listed are amazing. My 5 year old sports nut loved it. He's a bit young to read the book, but he knows everything about Baseball and Football that I can't get this book away from him.

There's nothing that isn't covered here. If you're not a sports fan and want to be, than I would recommend picking up this book. Once you're done reading it you'll be able to talk sports, stats and who's who's among the best players and teams in a variety of sports.
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