Sunday, September 5, 2010

Book Review - Alphabet Woof

By Sherrie A Madia
Illustrated by Patrick Carlson
Published by MommyDaughter Productions
Released 2009
Source- The Author
Ages 18 months on
4 Stars- Good Read

In a regular town,
In a regular house,
On a regular day
Like today, you may say,
Something truly extraordinary happened that day,
And it made us see soup in a whole different way. (taken from book)

Moxy the family dog always dreamed of talking and when Moxy's young owner's Aunt Mabel comes to visit one rainy night, Moxy gets his wish. Aunt Mabel's magic alphabet soup gets spilled and when Moxy licks it up off the floor, he finds he can speak.

Moxy and his family are not only quite shocked to learn he can talk, but they learn all the things that Moxy has done and wants to do. As Moxy becomes the famous talking dog, he realizes talking isn't as cool as he thought it was. Everyone wants a bit of his time, and in the end, what he wants most is to go back home and be with his family.

A great read written in rhyme will quickly engage little ones. With colorful illustrations and lovable dog, little ones will fall in love with Moxy the dog.

You can find out more about the author and Moxy the dog by visiting here

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