Thursday, January 28, 2010

Book Review- When The Moon Is Full: A Lunar Year by Penny Pollock

Illustrated by Mary Azarian
Published by Little Brown Young Readers
Released September 2001

This lunar guide describes the folkloric names of twelve moons according to Native American tradition and showcases their defining characteristics in short verse and beautifully detailed hand-colored woodcuts. A question-and-answer section includes information about the moon's surface, an explanation of a lunar eclipse, and the true meaning of a blue moon.
(taken from goodreads)

We love seeing the moon at night and reading stories about the moon. This book has been a great edition to our library of books. This is a great story about the Native American names for the moon. It's full of rich poetry explaining how the moon received it's name each month. It's been a great addition for preschool and teaching the kids about the moon. I love the love the great questions and answered at the end of the story. The illustrations are great.
5 stars

Book Review-Great Moon Stories for Bed Time Reading

This week we found some great Moon Books at our local library *thank you to the Support your Local Library Challenge we're doing*

When the Moon Is High by Alice Schertle
Illustrated by Julia Noonan
Published by HarperCollins
Released April 2003
Daddy's arms are warm and wide. Someone snuggles up inside to watch the moon wrap silver light around the wide and wakeful night. Baby can't sleep tonight, and Daddy has a plan to relax them both: a nice moonlit walk. But it's not just baby and Daddy who are out and about. The night has an entire cast of friendly animals that hoot, tussle, and snoop when the moon is high. Alice Schertle's wonderful guess-who poem is matched perfectly with Julia Noonan's dreamy illustrations in this soothing bedtime promenade. (taken from goodreads)

This is an adorable bedtime story, full of amazing illustrations. Both my kids and I have loved reading this book each night before bed. My kids enjoy seeing what the animals do at night as the daddy in the story takes his little one for a walk by moon light when the baby can't sleep.
5 stars

When Moon Fell Down By Linda Smith
Illustrated by Kathryn Brown
Published by HarperCollins
Released May 2001

Moon fell down one night...
Fell upon a farmer's lawn,
Rolled about in sheer delight
On fields he'd only shined upon.

When Moon falls down one night, he and an adventure-minded cow roan up hills and down, wander through city streets, and finally return back home at dawn. A joyous and lyrical romp, this picture book captures the magic and wonder of seeing familiar things in a whole new way. (taken from goodreads)

This is one book my children have loved reading. It's full of great rhyming a cute bed time story about the night moon feel down and how he and the farmers cow when out around town. It gets some cute laughs from my little ones.
4 stars

Scholastic's Book Fairs

I grew up LOVING the Scholastic Book Fairs and I'm looking forward for when my kids start bringing home fliers for them. Well, Scholastic posted on the site today what it takes to pick the right books for the book fairs.
"Picking the perfect book to take home from the Scholastic Book Fair is a big decision for many kids, and I treated it seriously. It would take me forever to decide which books would be MINE(!) and which I had to put back for next time...But, little did my 9-year-old self know how much work and time the Book Selection committee puts into deciding each and every book that may end up at a Scholastic Book Fair. To give you a better idea, Teryl McLane from Scholastic Book Fairs guest posts on the intricate process of how books are selected for Book Fairs."
You can read more here:
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