Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Book Review-The Viper's Nest Book #7 in the 39 Clues Series by Peter Lerangis

Published by Scholastic
Released February 1, 2010
5 Stars

Shaken by a shocking loss, Amy and Dan flee to an exotic land and trace the footsteps of their most formidable ancestor yet: a military leader of mythic proportions. But just as the siblings begin to master the art of ancient warfare, they confront a dangerous enemy - the truth. With the stakes higher than ever, Amy and Dan uncover a devastating secret about the Cahill family that changes everything. (good reads)

I have completely fallen in love with this series. Not only is this a great series for children ages 8 and up, but it's a great read for adults and especially parents who want to read something full of adventure with their children.

Book 7 picks up exactly where book 6 ends. Amy and Dan are in a rest against time to find the next clue, and what they find along with that clue will change everything about them. Not only do they find out more about some of the family branches and some well known people who belong to them, but they find out more about their Grandmother and in so doing, they find the most important clue of all, which family branch they belong to.

Filled with adventure, danger and some great twists, this story kept my attention as I couldn't turn the pages fast enough. I love that Peter Lerangis' writing kept me intrigued with the characters, as I kept trying to figure out what some of their motives were and which family branch they worked for. I like that some of the characters still have a bit of mystery to them. While I adore Nellie, I can't help but think there's something about her that hasn't been revealed yet. I like that Amy and Dan still seem to be a little specious of her as well. Not everyone is who they seem to be, and that's one of the many twists that keep me glued to the series.

The twists and turns worked well in this story, as The Viper's Nest continues in the same writing style that has made The 39 Clues such a popular series. If you loved In Too Deep, Book #6, then you'll love reading The Viper's Nest. More clues are found, more answers are obtained, and new questions are asked. I'm eagerly awaiting book #8 to find out what happens next.

To find out more about the clues from the series.
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