Sunday, June 6, 2010

Q&A with Sammy Keyes and Giveaway

We are having a blog tour with Sammy Keyes author Wendelin Van Drannen here on Mundie Moms.

You seem to try to keep a low profile. Why is that?
Why? Because it’s pretty much life-and-death, that’s why. Like I need people recognizing me and snooping into my personal life? That would be disastrous. The good thing is, why would anyone want to? Okay, maybe Heather Acosta would love to know more about me so she could sabotage me, but anyone else? Why would they care? I’m your basic thirteen year old, just trying to survive middle school. There’s no story there. No reality show. So yeah, low profile is good. I don’t want fame, or random recognition. All I need are a few good friends.

What’s the attraction to skateboarding. Why not just ride a bike?

Would you want to carry a bike up and down five flights of stairs every day? Can you hide quick behind a Dumpster with a bike? Or hop onto a bus with one? More importantly, can you use a bike to whack a guy who’s trying to kill you?
Well, okay maybe you could just hop on a bike and pedal away in that situation, but you get my point. A skateboard is portable and, uh, versatile. It’s like the cross between a bike and a baseball bat. And it hides away nicely under my grandmother’s couch.

Be sure to read more of our Q&A with Sammy Keyes and enter to win one of Sammy's books, here:
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the child in the adult, but to the adult in the child.
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