Thursday, July 1, 2010

Book Review-Frankie, The Walk N' Roll Therapy Dog

*Ilustrated by: Victoria K Lieffring
*Published by: Joyful Paw Prints
*Released 2010
*Source- Autho
*Stars 4- Great story to read to younger kids

Frankie, the walk n' roll therapy dog is a wonderful story. Barabara has taken something that went from a tragedy and turned into something that not only is healing for Frankie, but healing for so many people they come in contact with. The stories are told from Frankie's viewpoint, and will inspire kids to hold their heads high, no matter what they may face in their lives.

Frankie the Walk N' Roll Dog is the true story of Frankie, and the accident that left her paralyzed. As I read this story to my son, what I didn't except was for him to become so fascinated by what Frankie can do. He really loved following Frankie's story as she learned to walk again with the help of wheels and had a loving family behind her to help her. It's a great story that will offer hope and encouragement to those who either have a disability and for those that have pets with them.

Frankie the walk n' roll therapy dog visits libby's house is a great story that follows Frankie on her visits to Libby's house and the joy she brings to those who live there. Having a disability doesn't stop her and her owner Barbara from bringing joy to those they meet. It's a sweet story that shows kids that no matter what we face in life, we can always find joy in the little things. Frankie is a great reminder that a little bit of service and kindness goes a long away.

You can learn more about Frankie, and see her pictures at her site here
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