Thursday, September 9, 2010

Book Review: Mrs. McBloom Clean Up Your Classroom

Author: Kelly DiPucchio
Publisher: Hyperion Books
Released: September 1, 2005
Source: Library
Ages: 4-8
Rating: 5 Stars

"Mrs. McBloom, clean up your classroom!”

For nearly fifty years, that’s been the refrain of janitors, principals, and students who enter the chaos of Room Five. Now the beloved Mrs. McBloom -- who has taught nearly everyone in the town of Up Yonder -- is about to retire. Finally, she must clean up her classroom. But where to begin?

Luckily, Mrs. McBloom is an expert at getting kids to use their noggins. With one student’s bright idea and a whole can-do community of helpers, the town of Up Yonder shows that many hands make light work -- and a favorite teacher gets a send-off she’ll always treasure!

Mrs. McBloom, Clean Up Your Classroom is a very touching picture book. After 50 years of teaching Mrs. McBloom is finally retiring. The Principal, students and the janitors have been telling her for years to clean up her classroom. Now Miss Bumblesprout is preparing to take over room 5 and the room must be cleaned up.

The students think of ideas on how to the get room cleaned in time. Georgia Peachpit comes up with the winning idea that enlists the entire town to help.

This book made me nostalgic for the wonderful teachers who taught me. Delightful illustrations and humor combined to make this a book children and their parents can enjoy together. Makes a great read aloud.
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