Saturday, September 11, 2010

Book Review: Queen Vernita Meets Sir HeathyBean The Astronomer

Author: Dawn Menge
Publisher: Outskirts Press
Source: Author
Ages: 8-10
Rating: 3.5 Stars

Queen Vernita continues her educational adventures with Sir HeathyBean the Astronomer. Sir HeathyBean spends twelve informative months in Queen Vernitas castle in the land of Oceaneers. His visit along with Cora the Teacher is centered on learning everything they can about the solar system.

After reading this book I actually did a little research about why this book was written. Author Dawn Menge works with severely handicapped children. She has used her knowledge to create this book as a teaching tool.

Each month Queen Vernita invites a new visitor to be taught by Sir HeathyBean the Astronomer. The book is laid out in the following Fashion:

In January a visitor comes to learn about the sun.
On Monday he is taught....
On Tuesday he learned...
On Wednesday...

Each month a new visitor arrives and they learn about a new subject in the same manner.

This book has great educational value. Although classified as juvenile fiction it is more non-fiction in nature. Filled with facts about the 9 planets, the sun, moon and asteroids, this book is pack with information. Along with the science information that is taught, repetition helps teach the days of the week and months of the year.

As all children learn differently and have unique interests and learning styles this book will appeal to some children more than others. I have one son who I know will love this book. He loves science and needs lots of repetition so this book is perfect for him.
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