Thursday, October 7, 2010

Book Review- Hemophobula The Wannabe Vampire

By Normandy D. Piccolo
Illustrated by Normandy D. Piccolo
Published by Normandy D. Piccolo
Source-from Normandy D Piccolo
Ages 5-7
4 stars- This is a FUN read

Hemophobula: The Wannabe vampire is the exact opposite of everything an O+ plasma guzzling vampire is supposed to be. He stands three feet tall, has large buck fangs, an allergy to dust, an oversized cape that drags on the floor and faints at the sight of blood. In order to become a count like his celebrity idol, Dracula, Hemophobula will have to pass at least one of Ms. Fangloosa's, "How to be a vampire" classes at Sukarurblood Academy without making a mistake. But can Hemophobula do it before graduation day?

No matter how hard Hemophobula tries, he just isn't cut out to be the next Dracula. His mishaps are what makes this story so entertaining. While my son laughed out loud and understood part of the story, I would definitely recommend this fun, laugh out read for those ages 6-8. I think the older kids would understand more of the goofiness that's going on. I think the best part of the story is the Hemophobula finger puppet, which was a huge hit with my kids. This is definitely a fun read to have around for Halloween, for both home and in the classroom.

You can find out more about Hemophobula on Normandy's site here
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