Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Book Review- Bess The Book Bus

By Concetta Payne
Published by Mirror Publishing
Released on September 13th, 2010
Ages 4-9
Source- Concetta Payne
4 Stars- It's a Great Read

Everyone calls me "Bess the Book Bus" but I am NOT A PASSENGER BUS! I am a VERY SPECIAL BUS! My creator and dear friend, Jennifer Frances, named me in memory of her nana, Bess O'Keefe. She taught Jennifer the importance and joy of reading. Jennifer's dream is to deliver free books to all the children that don't have access to them. That is why I'm a VERY...VERY...SPECIAL BUS! When you climb on board Bess the Book Bus, you will find stacks and stacks of children's books waiting to be delivered to as many children as possible. Come on board Bess the Book Bus and I will tell you about my many adventures as I traveled on my long and wonderful journey.

Concetta Payne did a fantastic job at bringing Bess's story to light in her newest release, Bess The Book Bus. Bess takes the reader on her journey to deliver books to kids in need of them. She tells of some of her adventures, like the one time she had a flat tire and the nice man who pulled over to help them, to how happy she feels when children run towards her and get to pick out one book.

Bess the Book Bus is such an inspiring story, as there really is a Bess The Book Bus, which we've featured on Mundie Moms here http://tinyurl.com/2e64j3d. What makes Bess so inspiring, is that she and her driver travel all over the United States bringing books to areas who are in need of them. It's a great read and one that will inspire young readers to help provide books for children who don't have access to them.

Here's more about Bess, The Book Bus:

Bess, The Book Bus was founded by Jennifer Frances in 2004, in honor of her Nana, Bess O'Keefe, who taught her the joy of reading. It's that joy that Bess The Book Bus takes to children who aren't privileged to have books.

Bess the Book Bus is dedicated to reading to children, promoting literacy, and getting books in to the homes of underprivileged children and families in the Tampa area. While our offices are located in South Tampa, the program itself is mobile. This year we have increased our services to include twenty-five Head Start programs, ten summer programs, The Spring, Metropolitan Ministries, Redland Christian Migrant Association, and an after school program. We also support three school libraries that do not have enough books to serve their population. -http://www.bessthebookbus.org/about.php

I would be most content if my children grew up to be the kind of people who think decorating consists mostly of building enough bookshelves. ~ Anna Quindlen

Good children's literature appeals not only to
the child in the adult, but to the adult in the child.
~ Anonymous ~