Monday, November 29, 2010

Book Review- The Wonderful Book

By Leonid Gore
Published by Scholastic Press
Released on November 1st, 2010
Ages 3-6
5 Stars- Great for Young Readers

Deep in the woods, a rabbit finds a mysterious object. "What is this?" he asks. "It looks like a wonderful house for me." And he wriggles inside for a nap. Later he hops away and a bear lumbers by. "What is this?" the bear asks. "It looks like a wonderful hat for me." And he puts it on his head. One by one different animals find the object and transform it into whatever they need it to be. But it's not until the little boy comes along and knows exactly what it is. It's a wonderful book! And all the animals gather around to share the truly wonderful story that's inside (quoted from Goodreads).

This is such a great book for young readers and those who can't yet read. The Wonderful Book is the story of a red book found in the woods, and what each animal large and small thinks it is as they come upon it. The book is a hat, a house, a picnic table and more. When the little boy finds the book towards the end of the story, he sits and reads the story to all the animals who thought this wonderful red book was something else.

My kids loved finding out what each animal did with the book. It's an engaging read for pre-school aged and K aged kids. Any book the captures my children's attention and makes the laugh out loud is one I highly recommend picking up.

Book Review- Star Wars: Millennium Falcon: A 3D Owner's Guide

By Scholastic Books
Released on September 1st, 2010
Source- Scholastic
5 stars- A Must Have For All Fans

This novelty format dissects the most famous ship in the galaxy section-by-section, revealing the ship's secrets and special modifications.

Includes technical notes from Han Solo as well as a detailed overview of each of the ship's main functions.

This is a must have for any Star Wars fan. The Millennium Falcon is a great 3-D book that breaks down the ship page by page. As you turn each page you will find a description of the various parts of the ship, and in so doing, build the ship back up to reveal it's bottom side when you're done with the book.

Younger readers may not be able to read what all the descriptions are, but they can enjoy the lively pictures on each page, along with the 3-D picture of the Millennium Falcon. I recommend this book for Star Wars fans of all ages.
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