Saturday, December 25, 2010

Books My Kids Enjoyed Getting for Christmas

One of our Christmas traditions is to give the kids a new book along with new pj's on Christmas Eve. Recently I received some wonderful books from Scholastic to review, and I put aside two of the books knowing my kids would love them. To me, a book is a priceless gift for kids (one of a few gifts that's priceless). Here's the two fantastic books that we read (one is being released next week and the other was released two weeks ago).

By Lily Karr
Published by Cartwheel Books
To Be Released on January 1st, 2010
Source- Scholastic
Ages- 3-6
4.5 stars- This Is A Fun Read

This pink, glitter-filled, castle-shaped board book with lift-the-flaps throughout is perfect for every little princess.

Join the adventure as the glitter princess searches through her castle to find her lost puppies before the royal party begins! (quoted from goodreads).

This is a wonderful book for every little princess. It's a great hide & seek, lift the flap book that will keep toddler's entertained as they help the Princess find her lost puppies in the castle and get ready for her birthday party. My only compliant is that some of the flaps are hard to lift and can tear, but it's still a wonderful read and a book I highly recommend picking up, as my daughter loves having this story read to her.

By Scholastic Books
Published by Scholastic
Released on December 10th, 2010
Source- Scholastic
Ages 6 & Up
5 Stars - Great for Star Wars Fans Of All Ages

The first and only guide to the galaxy's most fascinating weapons. Each lightsaber is as unique as the Jedi (or Sith) who wields it. Design techniques, hilt length, power source: all of these choices can add up to very different results, suited to particular applications. From Obi-Wan's modification of his Padawan lightsaber to Darth Maul's double-welded model, this book examines each lightsaber in detail, revealing the secrets of its construction (quoted from Goodreads).

This is a fantastic must have for Star Wars fans of all ages. As my son says, "This is the coolest book!" This Star Wars collectible gives a detailed history of light sabers, telling how they are made, which characters use which weapons and shows the difference between the various light sabers. The pictures are great, the explanations intriguing and the details are awesome. Honestly I had no idea there were different designs. I knew about the different colors, but that was it. It's a book I enjoyed reading with my son who's a young, Stars Wars fan. I recommend this book for Star Wars fans of all ages.

MERRY CHRISTMAS! I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday and are able to spend some time reading!!
I would be most content if my children grew up to be the kind of people who think decorating consists mostly of building enough bookshelves. ~ Anna Quindlen

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