Monday, February 28, 2011

Book Review- Crinkle Animals Jungle & Crinkle Animals Garden Books

By Guido van Genechten
Published by Clavis
Released in February 2011
Source- Books from the publisher
Ages- birth to toddlers
5 stars- Must Have Books

How to encourage a love of reading? Experts recommend soft cloth books to help babies learn to touch, feel and turn pages themselves. Babies and toddlers enjoy looking at pictures of other babies and of animals- thus four new Crinkle Animals books by Guido van Genechten. Crinkly (they make crackling noise when touched and squeezed) woorldess pages featuring soft, pastel illustration engage toddlers in these portable, hand washable cloth books. Children will have fun naming the animals and more (quoted from a release received from Clavis).

I am a huge fun of crinkle books and I was thrilled when I received these books in the mail to review. Not only are the pictures stimulating for babies and toddlers, but the colors are bright, drawing your little ones attention to the story. Not to mention these soft pages make crinkling noises when grabbed. My toddler loved these books.

These are some of the cutest crinkle books I've seen and I would have bought them in a heart beat had they been around when my children were babies. I was never with out a crinkle with my little ones. These make the perfect baby gift and they've become a huge hit with my nephews.

If you're looking for something for your little one or wanting to find the perfect baby gift, I would highly recommend picking these books up. The series includes-
* Crinkle Animals Farm
* Crinkle Animals Garden (shown above)
* Crinkle Animals Water
* Crinkle Animals Jungle (also show above)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Book Review- The Star Maker

Released On January 1st, 2011
Source- ARC from the publisher for review
Ages 8 & up
4 stars- It's A Good Read

If only Artie had kept his mouth shut.

But his mean cousin Petey was putting him down, so Artie started bragging.

Now he has to come up with enough money to buy firecrackers for all his cousins by the Lunar New Year.

Luckily, there's one person he can count on . . . Uncle Chester!

Newbery Honor Book author Laurence Yep celebrates family and Chinese New Year traditions in this story of a boy and his uncle who discover that age doesn't matter when it comes to helping out a friend (quoted from Goodreads).

When young Artie is picked on by a cousin of his, his mouth gets the better of him and Artie finds he's made a bet that he may not be able to fulfill. Uncle Chester isn't going to allow his nephew to grow up feeling like an outsider in the family like he did, and is determined to help his nephew keep his promise to get fire crackers for his entire family for the Chinese New Year.

Together both Chester and Artie end up teaching each other a lesson. Families aren't perfect, we make mistakes, but no matter, no one can make you feel bad about yourself, unless you let them. I really enjoyed seeing the traditions Artie's family celebrated and how the Chinese New Year and the fire cracker display all tied in with the story. I liked that though Artie and Chester have a huge gap in their ages, they both teach each other something about keeping your word, and being a true friendships.

I liked the setting and getting a glimpse of what it's like being apart of the Chinese-American family during the 50's in CA. It really set the tone for the story. The Star Maker is a story about over coming conflict, family dynamics, and true friendships. I feel this is a great book for kids in grades ages 3rd through 6th, as they will be able to relate more with Artie and what he's going through.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Book Review- Birdsong

By Ellie Sandall
Published by Egmont USA
To Be Released (in the US) on March 22nd, 2011 TODAY
Released in the UK on February 1st, 2010
Source- Book from the Egmont
Ages- 4 yrs & up
5 stars- A Great Read

A lone bird sits in a big tree, merrily singing its tune to the world. But soon it will be joined by a friend, and then another, and another. . . . As each colorful bird lands on the branch of the tree it joins the last in a cheerful song. But one flashy bird wants to rule the roost - until something small changes his tune (quoted from Goodreads).

This is a fun short story, with vivid colors and simple words that will capture the attention of both toddlers and beginning readers.

With each page of the book, another brightly colored bird comes and joins in with the bird song. The birds all sit together on the branch and continue singing as more and more birds join them, until a flashy, loud bird joins them, and he wants to be the loudest of the group. That is until something changes his tune and that something is a very small quiet thing.

My kids and I adore this story, as my son enjoys reading the story outloud and my daughter loves the brightly colored birds in the pictures. I like the story as it captures both of my children's attention while sharing a great message to kids that they don't always have to be the best and loudest at everything they do. I would recommend picking up this as it's fitting for both the classroom and at home, and it's one preschool age kids on up will enjoy.

Book Review- One Magical Morning

By Claire Freedman
Published by Sandy Creek
Released on April 25th, 2010 & April 4th, 2005
Source- Bought
5 stars- It's A Great Read

Join Little Bear and his mommy as they wander through the dewy grass. As the silvery moon, fades and the stars melt away, squirrels, mice and other come out to play (quoted from the back of the book).

This is a cute story about a little bear who's ventures w/ his mother through their wood in the morning and he observes the things happening around him. From the sun rising, to the foxes running in the meadow, the birds singing, little bear is in awe of the world that surrounds him.

The illustrations are beautiful and perfect for young children. The coloring will capture their attention and they'll enjoy seeing how the various woodland animals going about their morning. This is a fun read and a great way to talk your little ones on a walk in the woods with out venturing outdoors. I'd recommend this book for toddlers on up.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Book Review- Where Do Recyclable Materials Go?

Published by Firewater Media Group
To Be Released on April 1st, 2011
Source- book from author for review
Ages- Elementary school age
4 stars- A Great Educational Book

Follow Bubbles and the recycling truck … to the MURF. The Materials Recovery Facility! Find out how papers, plastics, metals and glass are collected, sorted and baled to be made into new products.

From the founder of Green Solutions Magazine comes the cheery series with kids who investigate waste and clean up their community. In "Where Do Recyclable Materials Go?," Tiana learns about recycling while she and her family searches for their dog Bubbles who had chased after the recycle truck. On their adventure, they explore the MURF—the MRF (Materials Recovery Facility) where they see how recyclable materials are sorted and baled for manufacturing. Based on facts about the process of recycling in industrial countries, this book helps children understand the importance of recycling to save natural resources and much more.

In "Where Do Recyclables Materials Go?," you will learn:

- how we collect recyclable materials
- how we divert recyclable materials from landfills
- how recycling saves resources, energy and money
- how you can identify solutions for waste disposal through practical exercises
- how you can take action through hands-on activities

Colorful illustrations and diagrams complement the story of Tiana, Peter and Bubbles, their dog (quoted from Goodreads).

This is a great educational story, with complimentary illustrations that teaches children the importance of recycling. The story is centered around a family who's dog is lost as he ran after the recycle truck. In their search to find him, they teach the reader all about recycling, from where items are recycled, how and what and can & can't be recycled. During their tour of the recycling center, I even learned a few new things and I grew up in the NW where recycling has always been a huge thing.

I highly recommend this book for preschoolers through elementary school age kids. I think the story is one kids from this age group will understand and they're enjoy taking a field trip via the story through the recycling center and learn about the ways they can recycle at home. I think kids will enjoy learning how items are recycled, and how how recycling works. Hopefully this will be an educational tool to spread the word to more areas who need to making recycling available.

The author has put together a fantastic teaching aid for recycling for parents and teachers on her site here You can purchase your copy here

Friday, February 18, 2011

Book Review - Silverlicious

Written and Illustrated by: Victoria Kann
Released On: February 1, 2011
Ages: 5 to 8 year olds
Source: Purchased
5 out of 5 silverlicious stars

Synopsis (from Harper Collins): When Pinkalicious loses a tooth, it's not just any tooth—it's her sweet tooth! Suddenly candy no longer tastes sweet! With her pinkatastic pen, Pinkalicious writes a note to the Tooth Fairy and tucks it under her pillow . . . only to hear from Cupid, the Easter Bunny, and a Christmas elf instead. It is not until the Tooth Fairy finally responds—and works some magic—that Pinkalicious discovers where sweetness really comes from.

Fairy-tale characters and sparkling scenes make Silverlicious a sweet treat for all.

My Kindergartner and I love the Pinkalicious series and we eagerly await each release day. It's a bit of an event for the two of us and because she's my youngest, I think I enjoy it even more. We were excited to head over to our favorite bookstore to attend their Silverlicious release party but instead we ended up huddled in a corner reading the book. Yes, it's that good!

In Silverlicious, Victoria introduces an important rite of passage in a child's life -- the loss of that first tooth. And she does it with her usual sense of pinkalicious humor and fun. As a parent, my very favorite part of these stories is that there's always an age appropriate reminder to be kind and appreciative of others in this case, to be "as sweet as your sweet tooth".

Next time you're in a bookstore, be sure to check out the Pinkalicious series. The stories are well written and the illustrations are downright candylicious. I guarantee that you won't be able to read just one!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Book Review- Ribbit, Rabbit

Written By: Candace Ryan
Illustrated By: Mike Lowery
Published By: Walker & Company
Released On: February 1, 2011
Ages: 3 to 6 year olds
Source: Published Copy to Review from Bloomsbury
5 stars- It's a must have

Frog and Bunny are best friends. RIBBIT, RABBIT! They do everything together, like fight monsters (ZIP IT, ZAP IT!). And even though they get in fights sometimes-YIP IT, YAP IT!-they always make up in the end.

Ribbit, Rabbit features an effortlessly clever text that, in less than 150 words, captures the ups and downs of young friendships. Combined with adorably hip and fresh illustrations and an irresistible package, Ribbit, Rabbit is the perfect choice for the youngest of readers (quoted from Goodreads).

Ribbit, Rabbit is a wonderful story about friendship. It's one that young children will relate to well, as Ribbit and Rabbit have their ups and downs. One moment they're playing together nicely, and the next they're fighting over a toy they both want. In the end, they both realize that it's far better to share and be nice than to fight with your friends.

I enjoyed reading
Ribbit, Rabbit to my children, and they enjoyed the story. Any story that my son can read along with and makes my children laugh out loud gets huge props from me! Ribbit, Rabbit is a great book Kindergarten age children can read, and one preschoolers will enjoy as the rhyming words, and the interaction between the friends is one that draws them in.
The illustrations give the story the perfect feel. I really loved the coloring the and simple pictures.

This is sure to be a hit in our house for years to come. I would highly recommend picking up
Ribbit, Rabbit. It's a great edition for your in home library, preschool room and even Kindergarten class.

To find out more about Candace Ryan and her books, please visit her site here and follow her on Twitter here.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Interview with The 13th Reality & The Maze Runner series author, James Dashner

Today we're honored to have author James Dashner on our blog! James is the fabulous author behind The 13th Reality and The Maze Runner series. Recently we had the chance to interview James, and ask him a few questions about The Maze Runner series.

How would you describe your series for The Maze Runner?
I’d call it a post-apocalyptic dystopian tale of teenagers being subjected to a grueling set of trials for an extremely important reason that I can’t tell you. Yet.

From the start of The Maze Runner, to the end of The Scorch Trials, which character do you feel has grown up the most and why?
Thomas, for sure. You won’t understand his transition fully until the third book, but he has changed drastically from who he was before the Maze.

Which of your characters would you form an alliance/friendship with and why?
I really, really like Brenda. She’s spunky, tough, and pretty but not annoyingly so. Don’t tell my wife!

Lately it seems that a lot more books being published are geared towards the male readers, both for MG and YA readers, which sadly wasn't the case a few years ago. Growing up, what authors or books had an impact on you as a male reader?
Judy Blume when I was really young, then Stephen King and Dean Koontz. Stephen King is my hero and my goal in life is to have dinner with him. Please spread the word.

Have you read anything lately that you'd recommend to us?
The Lost Saint by Bree Despain


Thank you so much James for being with us today!

Be sure to visit James on his site here and follow him on Twitter here .

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Book Review- Bob Staake's Look! A Book

Written & Illustrated By Bob Staake
Published by Little Brown Kids
Released on February 1st, 2011
Ages- For All Ages
Source- Little Brown
5 stars- Highly Recommend Picking It Up

Look! A book! A hook! A cowboy cook!
Weird and kooky things that go!
Some go fast and some go slow!
Can you find the squawking crow?

Go on a crazy seek-and-find adventure in this new picture book from award-winning artist Bob Staake. Die-cuts on every page draw readers into each themed scene and invite them to find the items hidden within the elaborately detailed spreads. From underwater worlds, to haunted houses and tree-top towns, there are endless details for readers to search for and discover. This inventive picture book format will have kids hooked from the very first die-cut page all the way through to the end where a gate-fold finale challenges them to go back for yet another look and even more surprises (quoted from Goodreads).

This is a fantastic book for kids! Not only are the pictures great and pages fun to look through, but Bob incorporates rhyming words and easy to read words, making this a book that K and 1st graders can read.

This book is one the whole family and/or the whole class can enjoy. One top of trying to find what is mentioned on each page, Bob has hidden things on each page that readers have to find, from baseballs to pineapples, red books and a lot more.

This is one book I definitely one I recommend picking up.

Lost on Spirit River Giveaway

Recently I had the chance to read and review Tommy Batchelor's recent release, Lost On Spirit River. You can read my review here

Tommy has graciously offered to giveaway one copy of his book. This is a great read for kids ages 8-12. There's adventure, Native American lore and self discovery, all with in the pages of this great read. Here's a little bit more about the book-

Thirteen-year-old Tony's parents are in the middle of divorce, his mother sends him to his Grandpa's along the banks of the Flint River in Southwestern Georgia. With his younger cousin Kathryn, they set out to look for a Christmas tree for the holidays, along with Grandpa's aging beagle, Sally. The three become lost in a snowstorm, which has not hit Georgia in three hundred years. Finding shelter in a hidden cave, stumbling upon Native American art. Now the adventure begins...(quoted from Goodreads).

To enter, please fill out this form here-

Children's Picture Book Giveaway!

Recently I've received some awesome children's books to review (you can find my reviews for these books on the blog), and while I do love to collect and read books with my children, I also enjoy sharing the joy of receiving new books! SO, I'm giving away a few newly released, and received reviewed Children's Pictures Books.

1 winner will receive-

* I Love You Always and Forever (boardbook) by Jonathan Emmett
* Have You Seen Duck by Janet A Holmes
* Quick, Slow, Mango! by Anik McGrory
* Lucky's Little Feather by Peggy van Gurp (releases on May)
* Tony Baloney by Pam Munoz Ryan & Edwin Fotheringham

To Enter:
* You must be a blog follower to enter.
* This giveaway is open to resists of the US only (sorry, I can't afford to pay for over seas shipping at the moment).
* This giveaway will end on March 2nd, 2011
* Please fill out this form-

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Book Review- Have You Seen Duck

By Janet A. Holmes
Illustrated by Jonathan Bentley
Published by Cartwheel Books/Scholastic
Source- Scholastic
Ages- Toddlers
4 stars- It's A Cute Read

Where I go, Duck goes too.

Duck is soft. Duck is yellow.
Duck smells like a blanket.
Now Duck is lost, and his boy must get him back.
A moving story about first best friends (quoted from the back of the book).

Have You Seen Duck is an adorable story about a little who's constant companion is his stuffed Duck. They do everything together and go everywhere together, until one day Duck goes missing. Now it's up to the little boy to find his missing best friend.

This is a great story about coping with something special you've lost, finding it and not giving up. It's a story that young children can easily identify with, and they'll be happy to know that Duck does indeed get found.

You can purchase this book (right now it's on sale) via Scholastic's store here

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Book Review- Lucky's Little Feather

By Peggy van Gurp
Illustrated by Peggy van Gurp
Published by Clavis Books
To Be Released on March 31st, 2011
Source- The Publisher
3 stars- It's A Good Read

Lucky the mouse has a new friend—a little feather that brings him good luck. From avoiding a hungry fox to escaping the claws of a hawk, Lucky’s new charm helps him steer clear of one dangerous situation after another. His friend Lucy refuses to believe that the feather brings good fortune— until she sees it with her own eyes. Demonstrating that happiness can be found in the smallest of things, this story illustrates the importance of staying positive in all situations (quoted from Goodreads).

Lucky is quite an optimistic, fun mouse to read about. When his friend Lucy doesn't believe his feather is actually lucky, not only does Lucky tell her about some of his experiences from that day, but she discovers for herself just how lucky it is.

Lucky teaches his readers a powerful message about finding the good in all situations. I really liked how happy and positive he is through out the story and his mishaps. I think young readers will be able to understand the importance finding the good in all things and thinking positively.

Lucky is a fun, quick read that will capture young readers attentions with it's simple, brightly colored illustrations.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Moo Pie in the Moonlight

By Beth Olmo
Illustrated by Erin Blunt
Published by Peach Juice Publishing
Source- Beth Olmo
5 stars- This Is A Must Have

Moo Pie in the Moonlight is not only a delightful story but the illustrations are simply amazing! These are truly some of most beautiful illustrations I've seen in Children's books. They make the story come to life and it feels as though Moo Pie could jump right out of the story's pages.

Moo Pie is a delightfully fun cat to read about. He takes the reader on a stroll around his farm as the sun melts behind the beautiful mountains, the moon glows brightly and the animals take refuge to their places for bed.

I am thrilled to have added this story to our collection of Children's Books. I highly recommend picking it up whether to add to your personal collection or for your classroom. The words are easy for level 1 readers to read and cat lovers of all ages will enjoy meeting Moo Pie.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Weekly Feature- Upcoming Picture Book Releases

I've slacked off big time lately on posting books I've received for review, bought or were gifted. On Mundie Moms we participate in a weekly meme, called In My Mailbox, and at first I thought it would be fun to add that meme to MK's as well, but I've since decided to not continue with it on here.

Instead I'd like to do a more laid back post that will feature some of the books we've recently received, that will be featured on our blog in the coming week. Here is this week's Weekly Feature-

* Moo Pie In the Moonlight by Beth Olmo & illustrated by Erin Blunt
* Bob Staake's Look! A Book! A Zany Seek and find Adventure
* Have You Seen Duck by Janet A. Holmes & Illustrated by Jonathan Bentley
* Bird's Song by Ellie Sandall
* Chicks Run Wild by Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen & illustrated by Ward Jenkins (which I featured a week or so ago on the site).

These books will be featured on the blog via review this coming week.

Book Review- Quick, Slow, Mango!

By Anik McGrory
Illustrated by Anik McGrory
Published by Bloomsbury Children's Books
Released on January 4th, 2011
Source- Bloomsbury
3 stars- It's A Good Read

The star of Anik McGrory's critically acclaimed Kidogo returns in a stand-alone story about delicious mangoes, silly monkeys, and taking one's own sweet time. Baby elephant Kidogo is off with his Mama to find breakfast. Kidogo loves to take his time, and wants to do everything slowly, slowly—even though Mama wants to move quickly. Meanwhile, up in the trees, a mischievous monkey named Polé Polé is always in a hurry, trying to grab all the mangoes he can. Fast and slow, these two adorable critters meet up in the luckiest way—and it's mangoes for breakfast for everyone!

Quick, Slow, Mango! is about friendship, as Pole Pole the monkey and Kidogo the elephant meet up in a most unexpected way. PolePole is always in a hurry and Kidogo enjoys taking his time and together these two friends learn that sometimes it's okay to go slow and sometimes it's okay to be fast.

The fun, bright illustrations really add a lot to this fun story! I think it's one that toddlers and early elementary school aged kids will enjoy.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Book Review- A True Princess

By Diane Zahler
Published by Harper Collins
Released on Feburary 1st, 2011
Source- Harper Collins
5 Stars- It's a Fantastic Read

Twelve-year-old Lilia is not a very good servant. In fact, she's terrible! She daydreams, she breaks dishes, and her cooking is awful. Still, she hardly deserves to be sold off to the mean-spirited miller and his family. Refusing to accept that dreadful fate, she decides to flee. With her best friend, Kai, and his sister, Karina, beside her, Lilia heads north to find the family she's never known. But danger awaits. . . .

As their quest leads the threesome through the mysterious and sinister Bitra Forest, they suddenly realize they are lost in the elves' domain. To Lilia's horror, Kai falls under an enchantment cast by the Elf King's beautiful daughter. The only way for Lilia to break the spell and save Kai is to find a jewel of ancient power that lies somewhere in the North Kingdoms. Yet the jewel will not be easy to find. The castle where it is hidden has been overrun with princess hopefuls trying to pass a magical test that will determine the prince's new bride. Lilia has only a few days to search every inch of the castle and find the jewel—or Kai will be lost to her forever (quoted from Goodreads)

I absolutely loved this retelling of Princess and the Pea and it's unique spin. A True Princess is a fantastic story with a fabulous main character who's strong, independent, fearless and one I think many readers will enjoy getting to know.

Lilia doesn't know much about where she came from, and in her dreams she has flashbacks of her life before she ended up on a farm. Found when she was a toddler by a kind farmer who had two younger children of his own, she grew up close to Kia and Karina and they formed a strong friendship and treated each other like siblings. The farmer's second wife loathes Lilia and instead of being sold as a slave, Lilia sets out to find the homeland she can't remember.

Lilia is a brave, protagonist who seeks adventure and a longing to find out who she really is and where she came from, and with Kia, Karina and their faithful dog, they set off in search of a Lilia's northern homeland. Their adventure is one mixed with lore that I absolutely love, along with loyal Knights, Odin & his hunters, Elves and the Elf King. Upon finding themselves lost in the Bitra Forrest, the group finds themselves in the dangerous territory of the Elf King, and soon find themselves racing against time to find a precious jewel that they can trade in exchange for Kia, who's fallen under the Elf King's daughter's spell.

I really enjoyed the royal family and the plot twist that is unraveled upon getting to know them. Each of the characters that surround Lilia are fantastic! I really enjoyed the beautiful setting, the plot and the way the characters are developed. I really came to admire Lilia's courage. She defiantly has the traits of a true princess, as she's intelligent, loyal, brave and is very confident as she stands up for what she feels is right, even if it puts her in harms way.

I completely fell in love with this story, as it's a wonderful retelling of a classic fairytale with wonderful twits. I thought it was very fitting that each chapter in the book is titled with A True Princess.. and then adds in something like, Does Not Steal, which sets the tone for what you'll find in the next chapter. I am really looking forward to reading this book with my little girl when she's older. It's one I highly recommend for younger fans who enjoy fairy tales, fantasy and adventures with unforgettable characters.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Book Review- Recent Scholastic Releases

By Norman Bridwell
Published by Cartwheel Books/Scholastic
Released in 1985, 1992 and released in the Be Big, Be Kind edition January 2011
5 stars- A Fabulous Read

When Clifford's family takes a summer vacation without him, he finds a way to join them in the mountains.

We are huge Clifford fans in our home. I remember first falling in love with this fantastic big red dog when I was in second, and I absolutely love that Scholastic continues to introduce young readers to Clifford.

Clifford isn't one to be left behind, and when Emily Elizabeth and her family head out for a weekend camping trip, Clifford is heartbroken. He quickly finds himself making his way to Emily Elizabeth. Along the way Clifford ends up helping people who need it, including Emily. This is a delightful read and one my kids enjoyed just as much as I did.

By Jeanne Betancourt
Illustrated by Kellee Riley
Published by Scholastic Inc.
Released on January 1st, 2011
Ages 6 & up
Source- Scholastic
4 stars- It's A Great Read

Penny is visiting her grandparents out in the country for the summer. They have a surprise for her--a pony named Pepper! Along with their new friends, Tom and Tina, Penny and Pepper solve mysteries in the neighborhood, and rescue a frightened kitten! -Quoted from Goodreads

This is such a fun story to read, with a great message and great illustrations. Penny is a city girl and is spending the summer with her grandparents in the country. Not much a country girl, Penny makes fast friends and realizes there's a lot to love about being in the country. She learns to appreciate beautiful horse her grandparents got, along with the new kitten he finds.

Though my children are a bit younger, my daughter absolutely loved this story. This is a great story for horse lovers and young readers.

By Jean Marzollo
Photographs by Walter Wick
Published by Cartwheel books/Scholastic
Released on January 1st, 2011
Source- Schlastic
Ages- Level 1 Reader
3 stars- It's A Good Read

I SPY something new for Spring!

Young I SPY readers will want to start the Spring with I SPY AN EGG IN A NEST. New easy-to-read text by Jean Marzollo is paired with Walter Wick's amazing photographs from previous I SPY books to create a fun-filled Spring search-and-find. Also includes I SPY activity pages (quoted from Goodreads).

This is a fun read and a book that both toddlers and early readers will enjoy. It's simple wording make it a great fit for K & 1st grader readers and the pictures are great for younger kids not yet reading. I liked that at the end there's matching words and pages the encourage kids to think about what they're looking at and matching the pictures with the letters. I think this book is fitting for both a classroom setting and at home.

I would be most content if my children grew up to be the kind of people who think decorating consists mostly of building enough bookshelves. ~ Anna Quindlen

Good children's literature appeals not only to
the child in the adult, but to the adult in the child.
~ Anonymous ~