Monday, February 28, 2011

Book Review- Crinkle Animals Jungle & Crinkle Animals Garden Books

By Guido van Genechten
Published by Clavis
Released in February 2011
Source- Books from the publisher
Ages- birth to toddlers
5 stars- Must Have Books

How to encourage a love of reading? Experts recommend soft cloth books to help babies learn to touch, feel and turn pages themselves. Babies and toddlers enjoy looking at pictures of other babies and of animals- thus four new Crinkle Animals books by Guido van Genechten. Crinkly (they make crackling noise when touched and squeezed) woorldess pages featuring soft, pastel illustration engage toddlers in these portable, hand washable cloth books. Children will have fun naming the animals and more (quoted from a release received from Clavis).

I am a huge fun of crinkle books and I was thrilled when I received these books in the mail to review. Not only are the pictures stimulating for babies and toddlers, but the colors are bright, drawing your little ones attention to the story. Not to mention these soft pages make crinkling noises when grabbed. My toddler loved these books.

These are some of the cutest crinkle books I've seen and I would have bought them in a heart beat had they been around when my children were babies. I was never with out a crinkle with my little ones. These make the perfect baby gift and they've become a huge hit with my nephews.

If you're looking for something for your little one or wanting to find the perfect baby gift, I would highly recommend picking these books up. The series includes-
* Crinkle Animals Farm
* Crinkle Animals Garden (shown above)
* Crinkle Animals Water
* Crinkle Animals Jungle (also show above)
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