Thursday, March 10, 2011

Book Review- Lego Star Wars, Save the Galaxy

Written by Ace Landers
Illustrated by Greg Hyland and Doodle Pictures Studios
Published by Scholastic
Released on February 1st, 2011
Ages- 5 & up (really Star Wars fans of all ages)
Source- book from the publisher for review

Our heroes must evade Stormtroopers, outwit Darth Vader, and steal plans to the Death Star. With a little luck, they might even manage to save the galaxy! Readers can explore the Death Star, a Jawa Sandcrawler, the Tantive IV, the Cantina, and the Millennium Falcon! (quoted from goodreads).

I love that Scholastic has incorporated Star Wars Legos into their line of great books for kids. Not only does my son love to play with these great lego sets, but now he can read about them. The illustrations are great and look similar to the Star Wars Lego games, which is another huge hit in our home. If you can't tell, Star Wars legos are a big thing in our home right now. Having the book to add to the craziness of Star Wars is a huge plus for me, as having something in book form that my son enjoys encourages him to read it.

This is a MUST HAVE for Star Wars fans of all ages. Not only is this durable board book perfect for younger fans, but the lines are comical and ones that adults will enjoy. I don't know who was more excited about reviewing this book, my son or me. Next time you're at the store I highly recommend picking this book up. It's a fun read that will capture the attention of all Star Wars, both young and old.
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