Thursday, March 31, 2011

Book Review- Armadillo Rodeo

By Jan Brett
Illustrated by Jan Brett
Published by Putnam Books
Released on 9/1/1995
Source- Bought from Scholastic Book Fair
Ages- 6-8, ideal for Kindergarteners
4 stars- A Great Read

Like all armadillos, Bo is near-sighted, but unlike his armadillo brothers, he longs for adventure. When he mistakes a pair of cowboy boots for another armadillo, Bo races after his new "friend"--and winds up bronc-busting at the rodeo! Jan Brett brings the Texas countryside and rodeo action vividly to life with her lavish, full-color illustrations.

I grew up a huge fan of Jan Brett books, and I have enjoyed passing on that love to my kids. Recently while volunteering at my son's school for their Scholastic Book Fair (which I LOVE and will talk about that in a separate post), I found this gem of a book and I couldn't help but purchase it.

Armadillo Rodeo is a fun, engaging read for kids as they follow the story of Bo, the curious little armadillo who wanders away from his family and mistakes a pair of bright red boots for an armadillo. It's not just the words that make Jan's books so enjoyable, it's her elegant and unique illustrations. Each page by itself adds so much to the story.

Being in TX I also felt the illustrations and the dialogue captured the TX hill country way of life well. This is a book I'd recommend picking up for fans of children's books, fans of Jan Brett and to those who are teaching their little ones about TX.
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