Friday, April 1, 2011

Book Review- The Underpants Zoo

By Brian Sendelbach
Illustrated by Brian Sendelbach
To Be Released on May 1st, 2011
Source- Scholastic
Ages 3-8
4 stars- A Great Read

Briefly speaking — a hysterical picture book about animals in their underpants!

"There's a new zoo in town,

and here's what I've heard . . .


is completely absurd."

What kind of underpants does a lion wear? What about an elephant? The answers to these questions will have readers laughing and turning the page to find out more! Bestselling illustrator Brian Sendelbach has created a wonderfully funny and wacky world that will charm readers of all ages (quoted from Goodreads).

This is a book guaranteed to not only make your kids laugh, but anyone who reads it. I was pleasantly surprised at how funny this book is. The brightly colored illustrations match this laugh out loud story perfectly. I'll just say it, do NOT judge this book by it's cover.

The Underpants Zoo appeals to younger kids, as the colors capture their attention and the rhyming dialogue is not only entertaining, but engaging. Slightly older kids (K-2nd graders) will enjoy reading it, as many of the words are easy to read.

Our family favorite are the penguins who have icicles hanging off of their undies and the monkeys. I can guarantee you've never visited a Zoo quite like this one and I recommend picking up The Underpants Zoo when it's released next month.

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