Monday, June 13, 2011

Book Review- Bless This Mouse

By Lois Lowry
Released on March 21st, 2011
Source- ARC from publisher at TLA
Ages 9-12
3 stars- It's A Good Read

A resilient and quirky colony of church mice fears another Great X more than they fear cats. Under Mouse Mistress Hildegarde’s leadership, they save themselves from one danger after another—sometimes just by the skin of their tails! Can one ultimate act of bravery during the feast day of St. Francis get Father Murphy to bless these mice and keep them safe forever?

Rife with humor and personality, this young middle-grade novel has an old-fashioned feel with the makings of a modern classic.

Bless This Mouse is a cute, fun read that young animal lovers will enjoy as they go on an adventure and get to know Hildegarde, the church mouse. Hildegarde is a leader of a colony of mice who live in St. Bartholowmew's church and having been spotted one too many by the members of the congregation, they are in danger of extermination. Luckily Hildegarde is not only courageous, but she's also smart and will do whatever she can to protect the her group from the dangers that surround them both inside the church and outside.

I think younger readers will really enjoy getting a glimpse inside the world of mice, and the imaginative approach on seeing them act like humans. There's danger, friendship, and adventure through out the story that will hold the attention of readers until the very end. Though the advance copy I read had only a few illustrations in it, I think the final copy with all it's illustrations will be appealing to readers as well. This is story that can be read young readers, as well as out loud as a family or in the class room setting.

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