Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Book Review- Pirate Vs Pirate

By Mary Quattlebaum
Illustrated by Alexandra Boiger
Published by Disney Hyperion
Ages- 4 & up
Source- book from publisher for review
3 stars- It's A Fun Read

Bad Bart is the biggest, burliest boy pirate in the Atlantic. Mean Mo is the maddest, mightiest girl pirate in the Pacific. When they meet in the middle, it’s a no-holds-barred contest to see who is the best pirate in the world. They test who is brave enough to swim with sharks, who is strong enough to throw a cannonball, who can eat the most hard tack, and who has collected the most treasure. Again and again their respective crews proclaim, “Tie!” Bad Bart and Mean Mo stare each other down and . . . fall head over heads in love! This epic tale of the union of two pirate captains is told in seadog lingo and illustrated with of knockout oceanic battles. It’s a love story like no other. Arrgh!

Pirate vs Pirate is a fun picture book for pre-school through 1st grade kids. They're introduced to the funny tale of two pirates who both rule the open seas, Big Bad Bart and Mean Mo. One day when the two pirates meet & try to up the other on who owns the most things, they both learn an important lesson. Maybe Big Bad Bart and Mean Mo aren't as bad as they try to be. This is a fun, laugh out loud read that kids who are fans of pirates and stories that take them out on the open sea will enjoy.
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