Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Book Review: Razzle-Dazzle Ruby

Published by Scholastic Press
To Be Released September 1st, 2011
Ages 4 & up
Source- book from publisher to review
5 stars- A Dazzling, Interactive Read

A regular day becomes a magical adventure in this stunning novelty picture book from an amazing new talent!

Ruby can make the ordinary extraordinary! Come skate on a shimmering pond, roll a giant snowball, sled down a snowy hill, and create soaring snow angels with her as she becomes a snow queen and transforms a typical winter day into a gleaming-beaming fairy tale.

Combining glorious watercolors, elegant paper engineering, and whimsical storytelling, this joyful novelty picture book is sure to enchant children and adults. Ten beautiful interactive spreads sparkle, spin, pop, and whirly-twirl, inviting readers to join in Ruby's razzle-dazzle fun.

A dazzling, interactive read that will take readers into Ruby's magical world full of color and imagination.

Ruby is a young girl who's adventures begin one morning when she awakes to find it's snowing. With her dog Rocket by her side they venture out into a world blanketed by snow to play. Ruby's lovely imagination makes this short, eye catching book a memorable read.

With it's beautiful colors, pull tabs and moving wheels on different pages, Razzle-Dazzle Ruby is simply a must have book. I would definitely recommend this for ages 4 and up, and even then 4 yr olds may need help with the pull tabs.

*I'd like to note that this cover may not be the final cover.
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