Friday, July 15, 2011

Book Review: The Six Crowns, Trundle's Quest

By Allan Jones
Illustrated by Gary Chalk
Released on April 1st, 2011
Ages: 8 & up
Source: ARC from publisher to review
4 Stars- An Exciting Adventure

Trundle doesn't think he's an adventurer. He's a lamplighter. He likes everything safe and cozy, and that's the way things are in his peaceful part of the Sundered Lands.

Until Esmeralda barrels through his door.

Esmeralda, a princess with a knack for magic and for finding trouble, is convinced that Trundle is the only one who can help her find the six crowns. Lost and scattered long ago, the crowns could unite the Sundered Lands once again. But not if the pirates find them first.

Suddenly, Trundle is on the run. He becomes a stowaway, a drifter, a thief's accomplice, and a swordsman.Trundle may find that he is a true hero, after all . . . and that this is only the beginning of an epic journey.

An exiting adventure set in magical land where ships fly and two unlikely heroes set out to fulfill an ancient prophecy and find the six crowns. Can Trundle and Esmeralda fend off the evil pirates and overcome unforeseen obstacles in time to save their world?

Young readers will enjoy jumping aboard the sky boats with these two courageous hedgehogs as they set out on an unforgettable journey full of danger, and action. Trundle's Quest is set in a world unlike any I've read about before. It's a unique, exciting place I enjoyed visiting, where animals are like humans, and the pirates are just as ruthless as any other pirate story I've read.

Esmeralda is a feisty, brave, doesn't stand down in the face of danger character I liked getting to read about. Trundle who starts off a little more timid, when he comes face to face with danger he becomes a brave young hero who stands his ground. Both of these characters were fun to meet and I'm really looking forward to reading more about their adventures.

Based on Trundle's Quest alone, this series is already off on the right direction. With it's thrilling adventure, unforgettable characters, and must see illustrations, Trundle's Quest is a fantastic fantasy chapter book I recommend picking up. I'd recommend this book to younger readers who like fantasy, animals, adventure, and pirates.
Be sure to visit the Six Crowns website to find our more information about the series, play games, get downloads, meet the characters and more.
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