Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Book Review: Eddie Gets Ready For School

By David Milgrim
Published by Cartwheel Books
Released on July 1st, 2011
Ages: 4-7
Source: unbound book from publisher to review
Purchase from: Scholastic's store
4 stars- A Really Fun Read

Fall in love with Eddie as he gets ready for school!

Now that Eddie can get ready all by himself, his morning routine is anything but ordinary!

[ ] wake up (with a megaphone)

[ ] get dressed (up in a costume)

[ ] pack a snack (a watermelon's perfect)

[ ] find something for show-and-tell (No, not the TV!)

[ ] run like mad to catch bus!

With understated humor and uproarious illustrations, David Milgrim's first checklist book gets you to school on time, and in a great mood.

With it's humor and equally fun illustrations, Eddie Gets Ready For School is an entertaining read that not only received 2 thumbs up from my kids, but lots of giggles.

Eddie's a cheerful character who is excited about getting ready for school. He wakes and creates his very own checklist for getting ready, complete with drinking root beer while watching cartoons, putting a whole watermelon in his lunch, and trying to sneak out the door with his cat in his backpack. Despite the fact his mother doesn't approve of things, Eddie successfully gets himself ready all by himself.

This is a surprisingly humorous read and I enjoyed the laughs that ensured with my kids. I'd recommend this for ages 4 & up. Please note, if you read this before bedtime it might take a little bit for the giggles to die down.
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