Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Harper Collins Book Perk

If you're like me, than you love being in the know on the latest deals and book promos. One of the most exciting deals for book lovers (of all ages) is Harper Collins Bookperk. I've taken part of their Perk of the Day with some of their YA books, but I had no idea they had a Children's deal until this week.

The nice thing about their Perk of the Day is the variety of books and offers. Some offers are entries for giveaways, some are letting book lovers know about a special promo (see below) that they can purchase. Here's an example of two of this week's perks:

I'm so excited about this one! This book is FABULOUS! I've read it & I'll be reviewing it soon, and it's a MG read I highly recommend picking up. This offer is one I'm definitely taking part in. With your pre-order of the book you'll also a receive a SIGNED illustration from Colin and Carson. Please go HERE to read more about the offer and how you can place your order.

I've not read Pete The Cat, but this offer is a little tempting. This Perk of the Day includes two Pete The Cat books and a free pack of crayons. Please go HERE to find out more about the deal/to purchase it.

If you join and fall in love with Bookperk, they also have a great friend referral program here. Right now if you refer a friend and they purchase a perk, than you'll receive a $10 Bookperk credit. No matter what you decide, I definitely recommend checking out Bookperk and at least signing up for their emails.
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