Friday, August 5, 2011

Book Review: Scholastic Beginning Reader Books

Beginning Reader Books are a huge thing in my house right now, and Scholastic has two new releases that have already become big hits, Gus Gets Scared and Dragon's Leaf Collection.

Published by Scholastic
Released on July 1st, 2011
Ages 3 & up
Source: Book from publisher to review
5 stars- It's A Must Read

From the best-selling illustrator of the FROGGY picture books.

Gus has a new tent. He is going to camp out over night. Mom and Dad think Gus is very brave. But soon it gets dark and cold. The night is full of strange sounds. Gus is getting scared. What will he do?

This Pre-Level 1 story introduces loveable rhino Gus with sweet, simple text that is perfect for brand-new readers.

This is such a fantastic book! Not only are the illustrations great, but the story itself in engaging and one young readers and even preschoolers will relate to.

Gus is so excited about his new tent, which is set up in his back yard. After he's spent the day playing in it with his toys, he decides he wants to be brave and sleep outside in it. No matter how brave Gus tries to be, he becomes scared by the nighttime noises. It's cold, dark and a little scary, especially when a near by owl hoots. Even having his Dad come out to lay by him doesn't calm his fears.

This book is such a delight to read. It's a fun, simple book to read. With it's colorful illustrations and easy to read words, this story is appealing to both young readers to small children who enjoy having a book read out loud to them. I'd highly recommend picking it up. It's become a favorite bedtime story in our home.

Adapted By: Becky Matheson
Published by: Scholastic Inc
Released on: July 1st, 2011
Source: Book from publisher to review
3 stars- It's A Good Read

Dragon finds a beautiful fall leaf and decides to start a collection. His friends can't wait to help! They bring Dragon lots of leaves. And more leaves. And more leaves. Soon Dragon's house is covered in leaves! Will Dragon find a way to stop his leaf collection from growing out of control?

Dragon loves to collect leaves. He has so many leaves he doesn't know what to do with them. He put leaves all over his house, in his kitchen, his bedroom and even his bathtub. He quickly runs out of space and begins to wonders what he can do with all the leaves. When he walks past a grove of trees how have lost their leaves he comes up with the perfect idea!

Dragon's Leaf Collection is a great book for beginning readers. The words are easy to read, the story is fun to follow and the pictures are great. This is also a fun book to read out loud, and it's a book both of my kids have enjoyed.

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