Monday, August 22, 2011

Aphrodite the Diva Blog Tour: Author Guest Post & Giveaway!

Thank you to The Teen Scene, we have a guest post with authors Suzanne Williams & Joan Holub talking about their ten favorite foods:

Suzanne: If I were a goddess ambrosia and nectar would top the list. But since I’m not, here’s my top ten (in no particular order): Dove dark chocolates, homemade cherry pie, a BLT with garden-fresh lettuce and tomatoes, a good salad (one with lots of stuff on top), sushi, pizza, salmon, dim sum, fresh-baked bread, and guacamole. Yum!

Joan: In GG, we have fun doing spins on the foods Suzanne mentioned, like nectaroni or nectarpops, for instance. As for me--cookies, chocolate, yogurt, strawberries, pizza, salad, cheese, olives, hummus, bread products of all kinds.

You can read my 4 star review here. Thank you Joan and Suzanne, we have 1 copy of Aphrodite the Diva to giveaway!

In book 6, an exchange student from Egypt, Isis, is encroaching on Aphrodite's match-making turf. Will she also edge Aphrodite out of her group of friends?

These classic myths from the Greek pantheon are given a modern twist that contemporary tweens can relate to, from dealing with bullies like Medusa to a first crush on an unlikely boy.

Goddess Girls follows four goddesses-in-training: Athena, Persephone, Aphrodite, and Artemis and their friends as they navigate the ins and outs of divine social life at Mount Olympus Academy, where the most privileged gods and goddesses of the Greek pantheon hone their mythical skills.

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