Friday, November 18, 2011

Book Review: Not Inside This House! by Kevin Lewis

By: Kevin Lewis
Illustrated by: David Ercolini
Published by: Orchard Books/Scholastic
Released on: August 1st, 2011
Source: unbound book from publisher to review
Ages: 4 & up
4 stars: A Fun Read
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Meet Livingstone Columbus Magellan Crouse, a curious boy who loves to explore!

You'd expect a boy with a name like Livingstone Columbus Magellan Crouse to explore. But Livingstone Columbus Magellan Crouse doesn't stop there. He comes home with specimens from his travels! First a bug, and then a moose-what will Livingstone Columbus Magellan Crouse show up with next? Curious readers are in for a fun adventure.

"Livingstone Columbus Magellan Crouse,

why is that hog inside this house?"- quoted from Goodreads

Livingstone Columbus Magellan Crouse is like many young boys, he's curious, and in search of the perfect thing to bring home from his various adventures. From a moose, to a whale, to a pig, to bugs and everything in between. Livingstone can't help himself. His poor mom sure has an awful mess to clean up each time he brings something home.

This is an extremely fun book to read it. It's written in an easy to read way that my first grader could read a lot of the book himself, and the rhyming makes the story that much more engaging. This is a great book to have at home and in the classroom.
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