Monday, November 28, 2011

Book Review: Quincy Moves to the Desert by Camille Matthews

By: Camille Matthews
Illustrated by: Michelle Black
Published by: Pathfinder Equine Publications
Released on: June 15th, 2011
Ages: 5 & up
Source: book to review from the publisher
5 stars: We Enjoyed It
Purchase from: Amazon

Author/illustrator team Camille Matthews and Michelle Black have created a new series of children's horse books for ages 5-10.

The stories introduce a red horse named Quincy and follow his exploits. Quincy Moves To The Desert, the second book of the series, is a story of self-discovery. Quincy and his trusted friend, Beau, leave the comforts of home and go on a big trip West to find trails as far as you can see. Though hesitant at first, Quincy is soon soaking up the sights. To his amazement, Quincy discovers that Horses are everywhere. He learns about all the jobs horses do and begins to dream about his own possibilities.

Full of energy and imagination, the beautifully illustrated book includes a map of the US with highlighted states. The sensitive descriptions of Quincy s feelings and experiences provide an environment of warmth and comfort. The striking oil paintings bring Quincy and his world to life for young readers. Matthews' and Black's knowledge and love of horses and attention to details of horse life instill the series with joy and authenticity- quoted from Goodreads

This is a book horse fans will love and non horse fans will enjoy reading about. Camille Matthews introduces readers to a red horse named Quincy. Quincy and his friend Beau are off on a new adventure as they're moving from their home in NY to a new one out in the West. On their journey Quincy learns a lot about the different horses and what they do. I loved the brief history Camille gives, along with the map that shows the route of Quincy's journey and talks about the different horses found along the way.

Camille writes Quincy's story is such a unique way that I think young readers will really enjoy meeting Quincy. The story after all is told from his point of view. I love that Camille gives the right amount of information away to make Quincy's story engaging, educational and fun to the readers. Both Camille and Michelle's passion for horses shines through in their details about horses both in their writing and artwork. Michelle Black's illustrations are beautiful! Her illustrations by themselves make the book worth picking up. This is a book I'd definitely recommend picking up for elementary school libraries, class rooms and to have at home.

To learn more about Quincy, please visit his site here.

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