Monday, January 30, 2012

Middle Grade Monday & Book Review: Scholastic's Discover More Series

For today's Middle Grade Monday I'm featuring a FANTASTIC new line of interactive, educational reads from Scholastic's Discover More series. Each of these books will not only educate children at a level they'll understand (from ages 4 up to 9 +), but it will capture their attention and their interests in each of the subjects. On a personal level, I acted like a kid in a candy shop when I was invited to attended Scholastic's launch two weekends ago at ALA and received a few of these books from them there. They not only demonstrated how interactive the books are and showed samples of their *free* digital books that are included with some of them, but they got everyone in attendance excited about these books.

For example, Planets, this book is not only full of real pictures, but it's a great source for kids to go to understand more about the history of our earth, the universe and space itself. Want to teach your kids about the different planets or give them a brief history about our space exploration? They'll learn about it here. From each of the planets, to astroids, satellites, stars, the moon and even what Astronauts wear and do, you'll find it all. For example, did you know Astronauts have to wear a special kind of underwear? Yeah, I didn't, but I learned that in this book. My kids thought it was hilarious.

From Oceans, to the Elements, to Planets, Penguins, Grow with Me and Farm each of these books are not only valuable in classrooms and libraries, but in the home as well. These are also great for home schoolers. No matter what you want to teach your kids there is something new and informative they can learn with this series. I'm far from being a kid, and I've learned a few new things. This series has also been a great refresher for me. I've read all but Penguins and Farm, and there's more releases that will be out through out the year. You can be sure I'll be picking up the entire series. I HIGHLY recommend checking out Scholastic's new Discover More series. I give this series 10 stars. I'm all for a book that doesn't engage kids, but teaches them and gets them interested in learning more about their world around them.

You can purchase this series via individual books at Amazon | Barnes & Noble

You can learn about this series by clicking on the red highlighted Discover More series links at Scholastic's site.
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