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MMGM / Book Review: At First Bite by Ruth Ames

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By: Ruth Ames
Published by: Scholastic
Released on: November 1st, 2011
Source: book to review from publisher
Ages: 9 & up
4 stars: It's A Great Read
Purchase from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
Series: #8 in the Poison Apple Series

Poison Apple Books: Thrilling. Bone-chilling. These books have bite!Ashlee Lambert, the queen bee from THIS TOTALLY BITES, has had a tough time ever since she became a full-fledged vampire. But now that she's moving from New York City to sunny Los Angeles, she's excited to make a fresh new start.But Ashlee never counted on a clique of popular mean girls or awful sunburns. Keeping her huge secret is suddenly harder than ever. And when something -- or someone -- starts attacking people at her school, Ashlee realizes she's not the only vampire in town. It's up to Ashlee to figure out who's behind the attacks before her cover is blown forever! -quoted from Goodreads

At First Bite is a fun vampire story for tweens and younger readers. This is the second book in the Poison Apple series I've read, and boy do I wish these were around when I was younger. This story introducers readers to tween vampire, Ashlee Lambert, who moves from her posh NYC apartment out to to L.A. were her famous mother gets her own reality tv as a judge. Ashlee not only has to make new friends and deal with a whole new school, but she's still learning about being a vampire. The cool thing about the vampires in this book is that they shift into bats, don't drink animal blood and can go outside. Though she's the lone vampire in her family (who have no idea she is one), Ashlee has a mentor there to help her. Things get a little out of hand once she's in L.A.

Though Ashlee's kind are the "good" vampires and drink Sanga, a blood substitute for human blood since they don't attack humans, there are vampires called the Dark Ones. These vampires do attack humans and it's up to Ashlee to figure out who the Dark One is at her new school that keeps attacking the students and staff. Ashlee for me was a fun character to read about and one I think fans of this series will enjoy meeting. It's not just the paranormal part of this story that makes it a fun read, but also the relatable side to it as well. Ashlee learns some important lessons at her new school like what being a true friend is all about, and having money and being with the popular crowd isn't always as fun as it seems.

This is a fun read and one I'd recommend for both younger and tween readers. It's clean cut and a great introduction into both this series and paranormal themed books.
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