Thursday, March 29, 2012

John Adams: The Voice Heard 'Round the World by Marian R Carlson

CD Narrated by: David McCullough
Published by: Schoolmaster Press
Released on: February 22nd, 2011
Source: CD and book from publisher to review
Ages: all
5 Stars: I HIGHLY Recommend
Purchase from: Schoolmaster Press

Where would American be without John Adams?

This is the essential chapter in the John Adams story that tells of his vision and courage in making The Declaration of Independence happen. Marked for hanging by King George III, Adams risked his life to secure "Independence Forever" for America. Aided by the strong support of his wife, Abigail, Adams spoke up in the Continental Congress in Europe with a "Voice Heard 'Round the World." His dedication to the cause of American freedom separated him from his family for ten long years. -quoted from the back of the book

This is a fantastic history through music series that Scholastic has started and one I highly recommend checking out. John Adams: The Voice Heard 'Round The World not only teaches readers and listeners about the history of the birth of our nation, but gives a brief, well told story about John Adams, one of the great leaders in American history. Narrated by David McCullough, and music accompanied by the Boston Landmarks Orchestra, this is a CD that families, classes and fans of history of any age can enjoy. 

The CD is fabulous! The music really sets the tone for David's narrations and it's one that's both engaging and entertaining. Though the companion book that comes with the CD is short, it's full of fascinating facts about the draft of The Declaration of Independence, the birth of our country and is a richly detailed short story that describes the kind of leader and man John Adams was. I really enjoyed the illustrations and the quotes that are featured through out the book as well. This book and CD will truly be a huge hit with parents, kids, educators and librarians. It's one that's perfect for having at home, for home school curriculum and class rooms settings. I think John Adams himself would be pleased with this tribute to him.
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