Saturday, April 7, 2012

Book Review: Easter Books For Kids

Illustrated by: Kathy Couri
Published by: Grosset & Dunlap
Released on: February 1st, 1999
Source: Bought
4 stars: We Really Enjoyed It
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"Twas the night before Easter, just before dawn, Not a creature was stirring out on the lawnE" The Easter bunny takes center stage in this delightful spin on Clement C. Moore's beloved poem that will send families hopping to the bookstore for an Easter treat sweeter than any sugar plum! -quoted from Goodreads

What a fun read! Written in the same style as The Night Before Christmas, this is a book that kids will love to have read to them and will enjoy reading. It's a story that covers the fun part of Easter, and helps readers discover all that the Easter Bunny does when he pays them a visit at their house.  It's cute illustrations, and fast paced read make this the perfect story to be read before nap time, or bed time. This is a story that preschoolers will easily follow and understand. 

By: Ivy Silver
Published by: Scholastic
Released on: March 1st, 2012
Source: Book from publisher to review
Ages: 3 & up
3 stars: We Liked It
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Read all about Dragon's latest adventure in this Level 1 reader!
Dragon is hiding candy eggs for an Easter egg hunt! Will his friends find all of the eggs? -quoted from Goodreads

When Dragon and his friends decide to have an Easter egg hunt, Dragon dresses up as the Easter Bunny to hide the eggs. To ensure he doesn't eat them, he decorates them to look cat toys. When it's time for his friends to find the eggs they're gone. Now Dragon and his friends must figure out what happened to the eggs and find them. My little girl liked this story that right after I read it the first time she asked that I read it again. She enjoyed trying to figure out what happened to the eggs, and upon discovering where the missing eggs were at, she was happy that Dragon and his friends were able to still have their egg hunt. 

Published by: Clavis Books
Released on: April 1st, 2012
Source: Book from publisher to review
Ages: 3 & up
3 stars: We Liked It
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Taking children on a fun-filled jaunt through springtime, this book highlights the Easter holiday’s traditions along with the beauty of the season. The new leaves on the trees and blooming flowers are illustrated in vivid colors, and the various sounds of the baby animals born during this joyous time are captured in detail. The Easter Bunny’s job is described as he gathers and decorates eggs, hops to children’s houses with his brimming basket, and hides them for the hunt. -quoted from Goodreads

Colorful illustrations and simply words make this Easter book a fun treat for kids. They'll the joys of Spring, the fun activities that surround the Easter holiday and how the Easter Bunny prepares for his big day. If you're looking for a fun Easter book to add to your collection of Easter stories, I'd recommend picking this one up. 
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