Thursday, May 24, 2012

Book Review: Isabella Girl on the Go by Jennifer Fosberry

By: Jennifer Fosberry
Illustrated by: Mike Litwin
Published by: Sourcebooks
Released on: 2/21/12
Source: book to review from publisher
5 stars: I Loved It!
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The precocious, purple-haired traveler spends the day playing with her dad as she pretends everyday things (like the sandbox) are extraordinary places (like the desert and the pyramids of Egypt). Isabella ends the day in her own home-sweet-home, the most wonderful place to be. Illustrations.

Isabella's grand imagination makes for an incredibly engaging story that will take readers all over the world. With each occupation Isabella pretends she has, it takes her to some where new. From being a Warrior and protecting her people at the Great Wall of China to being an Archeologist and searching the pyramids, to pretending to be an astronomer atop a Mayan temple, Isabella's vast imagination teaches children about various occupations while giving them a taste of various places around the world were these jobs can be found.

The way in which this story is told is brilliant. While she's outside playing, Isabella's father asks her to help with a project, to which she replies she can't, because she's not that certain occupation. For example, her father says,

"Then who is going to help me today?" asked the father.

"I am an Archeologist, searching the hottest, driest desert for the tomb of a king." 

"Well, Isabella, I think you will discover that your mummy gave us plenty to do today." 

I loved the fact that one, Isabella's father plays a big role in the story, and two, he allows her to pretend to be whomever she wants. While he continues with his various projects outside, he continues to engage with her and her imagination, and supports her in allowing her to play and pretend. I loved it.  The cutest part of the entire story was of course at the end of the book after Isabella has traveled all over the world, she walks hand in hand with her dad into the house and tells him what her favorite place. I'm thrilled that a father/daughter relationship was explored like this one was. 

I loved this book and I highly recommend picking it! Not only is the story adorable, the illustrations are fabulous and match this story perfectly. I liked that Jennifer adds in some extras at the end of the book. She included a photo of each place Isabella imagines she visits, and some snippets about each place. After reading about the place Isabella visits, kids will get a to learn a little about each place. That's a win, win for teachers, parents and kids. 
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