Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Book Review: Amelia Bedelia 50th Anniversary Edition

By: Peggy Parish
Illustrated by: Fritz Siebel
Published by: Harper Collins
Originally Released on: 1963
50th Anniversary Edition Released on: 1/29/13
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5 stars: I loved It!
Ages: 5 & up

When Mrs. Rogers leaves Amelia Bedelia alone in the house on her first day of work, anything can happen. And it does!

With a list of what is to be done before her, Amelia Bedelia sets about her duties. And no one could possibly accuse her of not following directions—for that is precisely what she does. But when Amelia Bedelia draws the drapes or dresses a chicken, the results are hilariously different than might be expected!

Peggy Parish knows what strikes children as side-splittingly funny and Fritz Siebel has drawn Amelia Bedelia and her literal-minded actions to perfection. A hearty welcome to Amelia Bedelia—and long may she reign!

This commemorative fiftieth anniversary edition features the jacket, artwork, and story from the original 1963 edition of Amelia Bedelia. Also included are seven additional pages of archival photographs, sketches, and anecdotes and recollections about the inception and creation of America's beloved literal-minded housekeeper, Amelia Bedelia! quoted from Harper Collins

I grew up a huge fan of Amelia Bedelia. I remember being in elementary school when this story was first read to me, and I immediately fell in love with it. There's something lovable about Amelia. For me, she's more than that. Her story is a piece of my childhood, and one of the books that shaped me into the reader I am today. When this book arrived last week from Harper Collins I immediately sat down and read the book, which took me back for a brief moment to the time when I was sitting in 2nd grade having this story read to me. Though Amelia has changed her looks over her 50 years, her stories always carry that same lovable voice. This 50th Anniversary Edition is a must have for any Amelia fan! The artwork and the jacket are replicas of what the original book looked like. The extras that are included in the story was just as rewarding as the rest of the book. I highly recommend picking up this beloved classic children's storybook! You won't be disappointed that you did. 

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