Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Book Review: Tuesdays at the Castle by Jessica Day George

By: Jessica Day George
Published by: Bloomsbury Kids
Released on: October 25th, 2011
Source: book from publisher to review
Series: Castle Glower #1
Ages: 8 & up
5 Stars: I Loved It!
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Tuesdays at Castle Glower are Princess Celie's favorite days. That's because on Tuesdays the castle adds a new room, a turret, or sometimes even an entire wing. No one ever knows what the castle will do next, and no one-other than Celie, that is-takes the time to map out the new additions. But when King and Queen Glower are ambushed and their fate is unknown, it's up to Celie, with her secret knowledge of the castle's never-ending twists and turns, to protect their home and save their kingdom. This delightful book from a fan- and bookseller-favorite kicks off a brand-new series sure to become a modern classic

Do you ever get done reading a children's book and wonder where this author was when you were a child? Jessica Day George is one of those authors who's writing I totally love. She's an author whom I wish was around when I was younger. She captures those elements that make reading exciting and fun. In Tuesdays at the Castle, Jessica introduces readers to an exciting, and highly entertaining storyline that's rich in twists, a highly engaging adventure, and has memorable characters you'll want to read more about long after you finish this book. Jessica's characters are lively, fun, lovable and despite their royal status, they have similar family dynamics many of us deal with. I loved seeing how the siblings pull together in times of danger, and what they'll do to protect each other, and what's rightfully theirs.

Aside from the human characters, is a fabulous setting that plays a much bigger role than that of a setting. One of the things I loved most about this story is the setting. More specifically the role the setting itself plays in the book. I love it when a setting is much more than a setting, it's not just a place or an object or a destination, but it's a character, and plays a huge role in the story. The castle itself is just that. You could even venture to call it a supporting character. Castle Glower is more than a refuge and a home to Princess Celie and her family, Castle Glower is a protector. When young Princess Celie's parents are feared dead, and treachery is uncovered among some of their friends, it's the Castle whom Celie turns to for help.

Princess Celie is a young character that readers will be able to admire because of her bravery, her strong will and her ability to keep her wits about her when I would have personally been scared to death. She's a hero, and I loved seeing her and Castle Glower in action. Jessica Day George does an excellent job at providing moments of humor, mixed in with the story's suspense, unexpected twists, and the nail biting danger. In all honesty I don't know why I waited so long to pick up this book. This book has everything I love, and all the right elements I loved reading about as a child. Magic, danger, excitement, adventure, rich family dynamics, a true hero, and an enticing storyline that kept me hooked till the end. I highly recommend picking this book up!
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