Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Out Today: My Little Pony: Under The Sparkling Sea by Mary Jane Begin & A Giveaway!

I don't know about you guys, but I love it when my kiddos discover the fun toys that were big when I was young, and My Little Pony is one that is a huge hit our house with my little girl. When I received an email with the exciting news that a NEW My Little Pony was being released today I might have done a little inner child dance, because this means a new book that my little girl is going to want, and of course being that it's My Little Pony and a book I won't say no. Check out this book! Seriously, I might have to "borrow" it from my daughter so I can look at the pictures.

UNDER THE SPARKLING SEA by Mary Jane Begin, which was recently featured on EW.com. I'm glad it was, because check out that artwork! Mary Jane drew elaborate hand-colored sketches in each book (so they are extremely special). Thank you to Little Brown, I have this to share with you:

And here is a very cool time lapse video of Mary Jane at work: 

About the Book:
UNDER THE SPARKLING SEA by Mary Jane Begin is a full-color original picture book by celebrated artist, Mary Jane Begin, that introduces fans to a brand-new land in the world of MY LITTLE PONY – the underwater city of Aquastria, ruled by KING LEO. When TWILIGHT SPARKLE receives an invitation to visit the underwater world, she invites all her pony friends and SPIKE to travel with her. Together, they learn of the long-held rivalry between the seaponies and the mermares, and must navigate the oceanic world, confront danger, make new friends, and race to the finish in this adventure that takes place in a shimmering new MY LITTLE PONY world that has never before been seen! This gorgeous illustrated picture book also and includes an exclusive art poster!

The Giveaway:
Thank you to Little Brown, I have an amazing giveaway today! I have 3 SIGNED copies to giveaway! To enter, please fill out the form below:

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